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Taiwan 2013 Jul Trip – Day 3 Taitung itinerary with Driver (Part 1)

Day 3 – One day Taitung itinerary with driver.  We covered quite a few Taitung attractions within a day.  Of course, the most anticipated one was the Taitung Hot Air Balloon festival at Luye Gaotai. As the post is pretty long with lot of pictures .  I will spilt into 2 posts: Part 1 – Luye […]

Taiwan 2013 Jul Trip – Day 2 Taichung to Taitung

Read here for my July 2013 itinerary. Here’s a short brief on my Day 2 trip details. We started off our morning with breakfast at the Shark Bites Toast.  It wasn’t too far away from our accommodation – Fengjia LifeStay hostel.  Luckily, I bought the SIM card with data plan – use the GPS to locate the […]

Taiwan 2013 Jul Trip – Day 3 Taitung itinerary – Hot Air Balloon Fiesta (Part 2)

This is the most exciting part for my Taitung itinerary – Taitung Hot Air Balloon festival !   You can read my earlier Taitung itinerary here: Part 1. For my July 13 Taiwan itinerary, click here. Soon, it was close to 5pm.  We drove to the Luye Gaotai again.  There was a carnival with some food stalls.  We saw that […]

Taitung Loveing Restaurant

Loveing Taitung Restaurant 愛上台東義式餐廳

This July 13, we went to Taitung for 3 days.  Here’s my July 2013 itinerary. If you are thinking of some nice place for celebration, I would recommend you this restaurant – Loveing Taitung. Loveing restaurant  is located in the Taitung city and guess what food they serve ?  It’s reasonably priced italian food.  The restaurant’s […]

Romeo Minsu

Taitung minsu Romeo

This is the Taitung minsu which I stayed in July 13.  This minsu is in the Taitung city area.  Here is my  July 2013 itinerary. Taitung Romeo minsu was a new minsu which started in July 13.  The boss has a local well-known established restaurant and they decided to renovate the old house that was […]