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Summer Rock Villa 夏洛克民宿 – Perfect for a revitalising stay !

The Summer Rock Villa 夏洛克民宿 ( is situated in Ji’an town, which is not too far from the hualien city.  If you love nature and serenity, you will definitely love Summer Rock Villa ! This is a beautiful lodge surrounded with mountain and lake view, and even outdoor seating area.  Isn’t this beautiful ?  This was […]

Hualien Itinerary

2012 Jan Day 4 & 5 – Hualien 2 Days with Driver Itinerary

In my earlier post, I shared on my Day 1 –  Hualien local food hunt.  For this post, I will share on my remaining 2 days with Hualien driver’s itinerary. You can read my Jan 12 Taiwan itinerary here. Most people will ask why need 3 days for Hualien ?  One day for taroko gorge is sufficient !  Actually, […]

Hualien local food hunt

2012 Jan Day 3 – Hualien Local Food Hunt – Yummy

This year Jan 2012 we went to Hualien again.  My first trip in 2008 was mainly to visit Taroko gorge and qixingtan.  Actually, Hualien has many good local food, so we decided to stay in hualien for 3 nights.  Day 1 was mainly for food hunting.  Day 2 & 3 – engaged a driver for 2 day hualien tour, explored […]

See the Railway Minsu

Hualien City Minsu – See the Railway Minsu 看見鐵道民宿

Hualien actully has many beautiful minsu (just like Yilan).   See my previous post for Bayview minsu, where you can view sunrise from the Pacific Ocean. For this Hualien trip, as I planned to have a half day food hunt, I decided to look for a minsu that was located in Hualien city.  Finally found a minsu […]

Hualien Happy Ocean Villa

Hualien Minsu – Happy Ocean Minsu 隱山靚海

For my 2012 Jan trip, I had 3 nights in Hualien.  In fact, there were so many nice minsu choices and quite difficult to make a choice.  It happened that when I asked my Hualien guide on recommendations on hualien minsu and he introduced Happy Ocean.  Then I remembered that I had seen this minsu before and there were […]

Hualien Chi Hsing Tan

Sunrise at Hualien – Bayview minsu 望海樓

I went to hualien in Nov 2008.  Haha so long ago!  The reason that i decided to to dig out my old photos and posted a blog on this minsu becos the morning sunrise was quite really beautiful and spectacular !  It’s a great place for those who like relaxing seaside area. Most people would […]