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Cingjing beautiful scenary

Taiwan 2012 Nov Day 4 – Cingjing Photography Session 薔薇騎士婚紗

Cingjing Photography session with Rosen Ritters 薔薇騎士婚紗  This was my 3rd trip to Cingjing.  After my previous trip in Cingjing, I decided that it would be nice to have our family shoot here – beautiful mountainous scenary with altitude 1,750m above the sea.  Cingjing was also a popular place for bridal photos.  I managed to find a photographer, […]

Cingjing Euro Country Villa

Taiwan 2012 Nov Cingjing Minsu – Euro Country Villa 歐鄉美邸

Cingjing Minsu – Euro Country Villa 歐鄉美邸 This is our Day 3 Cingjing minsu stay – Euro Country Villa.  If you like to know my Nov 2012 itinerary, click here. We reached Cingjing about 5pm plus and it was quite dark already.   Although Cingjing was not a big area, there were many minsu available.  Most of […]

Cingjing 3D2N Suggested Itinerary & Transport

Here’s a 3D2N suggested itinerary for those who are visiting Cingjing:  Day 1 Day 2  Day 3  Morning Reach Cingjing around noon Go to Hehuansan (合歡山) 4am – Star Glazing/See Sunrise at   Hehuansan(合歡山賞日出專車)Can also do morning walk trail.  Afternoon Go to Sheep Farm (青青草原) – there is sheep show on weekendFrom the Sheep farm, you […]

Cingjing E-go Bus

Nov 08 – Cingjing Minsu 清境 – 觀星園景觀山莊 (Starry) / 愛力家生活村民宿 (Energy Home Vacation) / 翠湖步道

Here’s my first self trip to Cingjing.   I stayed at two different Cingjing minsu – Starry Minsu 觀星園景觀山莊 / Energy Home Vacation 愛力家生活村民宿. We took the e-go bus to Cingjing 清境.   Need to board the bus at Taipei main station 645am.  It took about 4 hours plus to reach there – 1130am. We alighted at the […]

Dreamtown Minsu (Cingjing)

August 2010 Day 5 Cingjing 清境- Dreamtown Minsu 嵐山小鎮

Our Cingjing accomodation this time is at Dreamtown minsu 嵐山小鎮.  The minsu is quite helpful to overseas visitors for transportation arrangement. This picture is taken outside the reception area. This is the reception area (at ground level). The rooms and dining area are located beneath the reception floor.   Our rooms are located at the lowest […]

Cingjing Farm

August 2010 Day 5 大甲媽祖廟 Mazhu temple – 清境 Cingjing

For the transportation to Cingjing from Taichung, we have arranged with the 嵐山小鎮 (Dreamtown) Cingjing minsu to arrange a cab driver.  The cab driver would drive us to 大甲媽祖廟 before proceeding to Cingjing 清境. The distance from our accomodation to 大甲媽祖廟 – 大甲鎮瀾宮 is less than 1 hour.  The mazhu temple was built in the […]