Yilan Kids-friendly accommodation

Kids friendly accommodation in Yilan

Recently I came across several Taiwanese bloggers recommending kids-friendly accommodations in Yilan .  I think kids will be definitely thrilled and I will share some in this post.  You will be spoilt for accommodation choices in Yilan as there are many interesting theme minsu in Yilan.

Yilan is a township that is an hour away from Taipei.  You can easily take the coach from Taipei bus station or City hall bus station to Yilan.


I’ve not stayed in these minsu/hotel except for Jane castle.  Refer to the website for room cost.  All accommodations are furnished with the basic room facilities.

Tips for $ Saving:

Stay on a non-peak/weekday 平日 and the rates will be cheaper.  Do read each accommodation definition of non-peak/weekday 平日.

Some minsu has free transportation from bus station/train station.  Do ask them when you book !

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Website : www.janecastle.tw

This is a fairy theme castle and you can read my stay review here.

What to Rave – Stay in a theme room and be a king/queen or prince/princess for a day !

Price – from 2800 twn for 2 pax room, 4200 twn for family room onwards …



Website : www.egyptwhitehouse.com

The exterior of this minsu may make you wonder if you are in Taiwan or Egypt ?  This minsu has a big compound area with two buildings, a swimming pool and big play area for kids.

There are 4 different theme double rooms in the Egypt tower and 4 family theme rooms in the Castle tower.

What to Rave – The family theme rooms are pretty interesting and colorful and comes with slides too.  I think young kids will love to stay here.

Price – 5500 twn for family room onwards …

You can also read this Taiwan blogger review here .

Credit image : Egypt White House Forest theme family room 夢想森林親子四人房

Credit Image : Egypt White House Princess Castle family room 城堡館夢幻公主親子四人房


Website : http://www.diudiudang.tw

There are a few family theme rooms like Ferrari 3 pax room, Fireman room (5 pax) – 2 double beds and a fireman bed, Happy Bus room (6 pax) – 2 double beds and a double deck bus bed.

What to Rave – Kids will love this minsu facilities !  Plenty of kids facilities – a outdoor swimming pool with floats, electric cars, bicycles and indoor playroom.

Price – Range from 5200 twn onwards …

You can also read this Taiwan blogger review here.

Credit image from 丟丟噹親子樂園民宿 Fireman family room 消防英雄五人房

Credit image :丟丟噹親子樂園民宿 Happy Bus room 快樂巴士六人房

Credit image : 丟丟噹親子樂園民宿 – Kids car facilities


Website : saint.goodoks.com

What to Rave Kids will love these theme loft room with slide and disney toys.  All the rooms are very spacious and comes with bathtub, some with outdoor balcony, soccer table and swing.  Every room design is different !  See their website for the room design and features.

Price – Range from 4800 twn onwards

Credit image from 聖荷緹渡假城堡


Credit image from 聖荷緹渡假城堡

You can also read this Taiwan blogger review here.


KIDS HOSTEL  兒童王國親子民宿

Website : www.kidshostel.com.tw

What to Rave – Just as the name suggested this minsu is built for the kids !  The minsu has 5 theme rooms with slides too!  Your kids can also dressed up in cosplay too !

The Toy Kingdom Theme room has 2 double beds plus loft beds.

Price – Range from 4200 twn onwards

You can book the room from Booking.com too.

Credit from Booking.com – 兒童王國親子民宿 玩具王國3-8人房 Toy Kingdom Theme (3- 8 person)

The SeaWorld theme room also has a loft double bed and 2 single beds.

Credit photo from Booking.com 海洋世界四人房 Sea World Room 4 person

You can also read this Taiwan blogger review here.

301 Child’s Resort  301 B&B 親子會館

Website : http://www.fone.tw/

What to Rave – If your child love electric cars and slide, you can consider this minsu.  There are 6 theme rooms which can accommodate 4 or 6 persons.  Do come early to choose your favourite car !

Price – Range from 4980 twn onwards

Credit photo from 301 B&B 公主馬車 四人房 Princess theme room 4 pax

Credit image from 301 B&B 閃電賽車 六人房 Car theme room 6 pax

You can also read this Taiwan blogger review here.



Website : www.weekend0966.tw

What to Rave – This minsu just started in June 16.  It has a pirate theme room that looks pretty interesting !

Price – Range from 3200 twn onwards

Credit image from Weekend Minsu 探險親子三人房 3 pax

You can also read this Taiwan blogger review here.



Website : www.silksplace-yilan.com.tw

This is a five star hotel in Yilan that is 10 mins walking distance from Yilan train station.  If you are a fan of peking duck, you can try their renowned roasted cherry duck (櫻桃霸王鴨)

What to Rave –  The 8th and 9th floor at Silk Place is practically the kids’ playworld – Fantasyland, which includes :

  • two-floor high inflatable slide
  • rainbow slide into colourful ball pool
  • car race track with variety of electric cars and motorbikes
  • Swimming pool and spa center
  • Wow Wow Land

Price – Price is on the high side – range from 9000+ twn onwards …  Look out their promotional package with hotel buffet breakfast.

There are many kids’ facilities in this hotel, and you can read these bloggers’ review to see how fun is this place.  Mind you that your kids may love this place tremendously and not want to leave the hotel !

Click here to read the review.  If you need a 2nd review to decide, click here.



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