Watchhouse 灣曲時尚渡假會館 – A luxurious Yilan minsu stay

Yilan is a quick getaway from the city Taipei and within an hour you will escape from the hustle and bustle of city life and immerse yourself into the countryside nature !
For transportation, you can take the coach from Taipei Bus station or City hall Bus station.
For this Taiwan trip, I have the opportunity to stay in two different Yilan minsu.  For this post, I’m going to recommend a nice resort lifestyle minsu – Watchhouse (near Luodong).

WH-house2 WH-house1

The Watchhouse minsu is located near the Dongshan river, just next to the Dongshan cycling trail.  We drove and were guided by the GPS to the location.  However, there wasn’t any signboard of the minsu.

Don’t be alarmed if you can’t find the minsu signage when you reached there.  Just recognise the stylish building structure.  In fact, I recognised the swimming pool as not many minsu have that.

After we parked our car, we had to walk up a small flight of stairs as the entire house was elevated.

WH-exterior1-1 WH-exterior1


There is a spacious outdoor seating area surrounded with greenery.

WH-exterior2 WH-exterior4

As you walk towards to the reception area for check-in, you will be amazed by the interior !



Wow, it’s one of the most spacious and luxurious area that I’ve ever seen!  The extensive use of timber and full height panel glass creates a perfect blend of light and space.  Read further and you will understand what I mean !


We were greeted and treated to a nice afternoon tea by lady minsu boss. She brought us around the building and explained the details of the building – being ‘Green” by using re-cycable material as much as possible.  She told us that the house took a long time to build as they considered the safety measures against natural disasters, eg. flooding and earthquake.

The entire house is elevated on stilts to prevent flooding and damages to the house.  Another safety feature is the house is built on a separate platform which can minimise the earthquake damages.  I guess not many owners will spent a lot of money in this area.

Once you step into the minsu, you can see a spacious open plan area of the living, dining and kitchen area.

On the left is the open concept kitchen area.

WH-kitchen1 WH-kitchen2 WH-kitchen3

On the right side is the beautiful and spacious living area for interacting with other guests.  This area is divided into two sections – a elegant dining area for afternoon tea and breakfast, and a super big comfy sofa area – nice chatting area especially for big group families or friends.  The full glass panels also gives natural light to this modern living room, making it more inviting.





The dolls on the shelves are made by the lady boss – really good handcraft !


This minsu is too beautiful – busy taking photos !


There is also an outdoor dining area overlooking the L-shape swimming pool.  Also a small spa pool which is suitable for small children to play with water.  Isn’t this minsu very luxurious ?

WH-outdoordeck WH-outdoordeck3



Small spa pool


Our welcome fruit and drink.  The biscuit (on top) is pretty nice. We even locate the shop and bring back to Singapore.


The building consists of two storeys, with 2 rooms on first floor and the 4 rooms on the upper floor.
Let’s look at the first floor rooms.  The rooms are modern, tastefully decorated and well furnished with large screen television, toiletries, coffee/tea, and etc.  There is also a small balcony where you can view the greenery and enjoy fresh air.

Here’s the room that I stayed.  The bathroom is just behind the bed and it is open concept !  There is a bath tub and shower area too.

Really good and comfy king bed – good mattress !

WH-Room2-1 WH-Room2-3

All the power points are located next to the bed – very convenient for travellers who need to do a lot charging !

WH-Room2-2 WH-Room2-4

There is a water kettle in case you need hot water and mineral bottle waters are also provided.

The fruit tea bags provided here is very refreshing – I love it but need to buy online.


This is a two king beds for 4 pax room with private bathroom.  There is a nice sofa in front of the bed.


Each room’s lighting and fan are different too !


Washing basin is outside the bathroom door.  I prefer this arrangement as it is more convenient.


This is another 2 pax room – the ‘blue’ series.  All rooms have access to the balcony.

WH-Room1 WH-Room1-2 WH-Room1-4

The upper floor also has a small lounge area.



This is the most luxurious room – VIP room for 2 pax.  From the bed, you can enjoy a superb view of the surrounding with floor to ceiling windows.

WH-RoomVIP-1 WH-RoomVIP-2

Behind the bed is a sofa area.

WH-RoomVIP-4  WH-RoomVIP-3 WH-RoomVIP-6

The VIP room has a round bathtub and even during bathing you can view greenery.



There is a balcony with table and chairs.


This is a 4 pax room with open concept bathroom.  Very jap feel and the soothing color tone !

WH-Room4-1 WH-Room4-2

Another 4 pax room with private bathroom.

WH-Room6-1 WH-Room6-2

This is a 2 pax room with grey tone.

WH-Room5-1 WH-Room5-2 WH-Room5-3

This is what I call the ‘Dark’ tone 2 pax room.

WH-Room7-1 WH-Room7-2 WH-Room7-3

Here’re some pictures of the surrounding.

WH-Uppflr-2 WH-uppflr-1




Next morning, we are served with breakfast set and there is a variety of drinks (coffee, homemade fruit drink, bottle soya milk) to choose.  The minsu boss even provide the Panini sandwiches for us !  Eat until super full !

WH-bf2 WH-bf1

Parrot entertaining us !!!


You can check the price of this minsu on the website. Although it may seem a little pricey, however, if you consider the minsu resort lifestyle environment with swimming pool, elegantly furnished room that makes a comfortable stay and not forgetting the sumptuous breakfast, I  think it’s worth a stay !  You can also borrow the bicycles and venture out to the Dongshan cycling trail ! The location of the minsu is also near  to Luodong night market.  Oh yes, the hospitality of the minsu bosses will make you return again !  Haha !  They are really warm and friendly.

If you are interested to stay a night, you can go to their Facebook and message them.  Do let them know you see my blog recommendation !

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  1. Hi SFlow00
    Tks so much for your informative and beautiful blog. 2 years ago relied on your blog to plan my taichung trip. And now, I am reading your blog again to plan for Yilan trip = )
    Just to get your opinion, for family travel with 2 children, would Kimptonbnb or WatchHouse be a more suitable stay coz when I see your blog, both seems equally great but I need to choose 1!

    1. Replied to your email.

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