Sunmoonlake minsu Love to Stick Together 愛黏在一起設計師旅宿

OSunmoonlake is one of the top tourist attractions for visitors.  In fact, I have never stayed in the Sunmoonlake (SML) region.  This time, I planned for a 2D1N stay in Sunmoonlake.

There are many minsu or hotels in the SML region.  After much consideration, I decided to choose a new minsu called ‘Love to stick together‘  (opened in July 2014).  This minsu is located in the Yuchi township, a short drive to the sunmoonlake tourist area.  The best part is the short proximity (10 mins drive) to the Jinlong mountain – sunrise viewing platform and there is also a lift in the minsu.  Lift is a saviour especially when you have big luggages.

As you can see, this is a white concrete building with floor to ceiling glass windows. The environment here is quite peaceful with greenery.  By looking at the exterior, you can’t tell the comfort and interiors which await. All the rooms are well equipped just like a hotel room.  It’s a relaxing getaway from the urban city area !


As the owner is an interior designer, he uses his own expertise to design his own minsu. You can see his passion when he explains his minsu design concepts to guests.  That’s an interesting way to engage his guests !  The place was beautifully decorated and his designs also focuses on natural elements like natural lighting from the full glass windows !


Once you walk in, you can see the interior design is very modern and vibrant and the owner uses bold colors for the walls and furnitures. It seems like you are transported into a colorful kingdom !


Here’s a long corrider with 2 seats – so nice to sit here and day dream !

sml-longcorridor sml-longcorridor2

The cozy breakfast area.


There is a traditional mochi wooden mortar handed down by his family (above picture).  The owner has cleverly used it as an nostalgia art piece.

Oh yes, we were very excited to see our rooms too !  Each room is uniquely designed and the wallpapers, chairs, mirrors, decorative items are well coordinated.

Here’s the 4 person room.  2 big beds and the wallpaper is so cute !


A cozy sofa area where you can have your cuppa !


The washing basin is outside of the bathroom, making it more convenient for guests.


This is another 2 person room on the 2nd floor, Hanging Garden.

Decorative headboard with British design.


Look at the painting on the ceiling !  Have a good night sleep and dreaming in a flowery kingdom !


The owner has cleverly made use of nature surrounding and built this feature wall using wood from the Jinlongshan.


Designer chairs


Here’s my room – the Butterfly kingdom – lots of butterflies on the wall, even the cloth hangers too.  The bed is big and comfy too !



Although there is no balcony, but there’s a floor-to-ceiling windows where you can have full greenery view.
For this room, they uses pebbles to segregate the room and bathroom.


Magical mirror in the bathroom.


Also a princess bathtub here ! Good to have a hot soak in cold weather!


The toiletries basket with my favourite brand !


The minsu boss also recommended us to have dinner at a restaurant nearby.  This restaurant mainly serves ‘sancai’ (山菜) food.  This restaurant is a hidden gem and mostly patronise by locals.  We ordered a few dishes like kampong chicken, stired fried pork, vegetables, , prawns and the preserved turnip omelette is a must order !  Yummy dinner ! Too bad no more steamed fish !  Prices are pretty cheap except for the big pot of herbal soup !

sml-rest sml-restaurant2
The next morning we woke up early and went to Qinglong Mountain for sunrise rising.  It’s magnificent, right ?

sml-sunrise sml-sunrise2
For breakfast, it’s a simple affair of healthy sweet potato porridge with side dishes like home-grown vege, stir fried mushroom, floss, fried egg and etc.  There is also freshly brewed black coffee. (do bring your own sugar as they don’t provide.)

We all enjoyed the minsu’s hospitality and lastly a group photo with the minus boss before we headed off to the next destination !


For room booking, you can go to their website or Facebook.  Do let them know you seen my recommendation !

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  1. Wendy · · Reply

    Hi can i also know how you book this sunmoonlake minsu? Is sunmoonlake far from maoli?
    Cuz i plan to go maoli and cingjing.


    1. Replied to your email.

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