Sanhoyan (叁和院) Restaurant in Taipei

There were many good reviews on Sanhoyan ( restaurant.  From the name itself, it seemed to be a korean restaurant. No, in fact they served modern taiwanese food.  Don’t worry that it would be expensive as the prices were pretty affordable.  The prices ranges from 150 to 500 twn for most dishes.

We took the MRT to Zhongxiao Fuxing and it was a short walking distance from Exit 4.  The restaurant opening hours are from 1130am to 1am weekdays and 230am on weekends.  Do make reservations first !


The restaurant had two floors and we were brought to the upper floor, a bigger dining space.  Since there were people dining so I didn’t take any pictures.

For those who love drinks, there is a bar counter too.


Sanhoyan serves a variety of hot drink and cold drinks, including alcoholic drinks.  The first one is the Rose Vodka (ladies can try this !).

rose-vodka drink1 drink2 flower tea

This appetizer is really interesting – a baby abalone cone.  (87twn each) The top layer is the abalone with some sauce, middle is mashed potato with lettuce and lastly is fruits. The cone is also very crispy – nice !


The sakura prawn rice in pyramid shape – really fragrant rice !

fried rice

At first we thought that this dish was mapo tofu.  No, it’s smelly tofu.  Good to go with white rice !


Vegetable with fermented bean curd .


This is the crispy and spicy chicken – one of the hot favourite dish !


My favourite dongpo pork with zebra stripe buns !  The braised pork meat is tender and non-greasy !





Baked salt pork – goes well with the garlic sauce provided – must try !

Guess what is this ?

This bun in the shape of hedgedog is filled with barbecued pork – really delicious !  Really surprised me when I took a bite – the exterior was very crispy !


Melon with clam – this dish is so nicely presented ! A healthy dish indeed !



Three cups sotong dish


This super big hotpot soup (Farewell chicken pot – 777 twn) is heavenly delicious and nutritious with all the herbal ingredients !

The black chicken is wrapped inside the pig stomach and the waitress has to cut it first.

san-soup san-soup1

The peanut bun – looks so cute !


Cranberry with cheese bun – quite unique taste and I like it !


We were extremely full after the meal and everyone enjoyed the meal.  It is a hidden gem place plus affordable pricing with a wide selection of dishes to suit everyone’s taste ! Thumbs up for this restaurant !

I strongly recommend you to visit this Taipei restaurant especially for big groups !

Do call to make your reservation 02-2731-3833 – Website.  Do let them know you seen my recommendation !

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