Reddot hotel (Taichung) – Chic and fun hotel that delights guests !

During the last two visits to Taichung, I stayed near Fengjia night market.  This time, I chose a new hotel near Taichung train station, Red Dot hotel.

The location of Reddot is a short distance cab ride from Taichung Train station.  You can reach the Reddot hotel by BRT too.  There is also a nearby Chunghwa night market, a short stroll away from hotel.  Yizhong street is nearer to Reddot compared to Fengjia night market.

The hotel building was actually an old hotel but recently refurnished in June 2014.  The transformation also incorporated creativity and fun elements.

A grand european style front door.


If you have never read any reviews on Reddot hotel, I guess you will be very surprised once you step into the lobby.  Who will expect this in a hotel ! Guess what ???

Reddot’s iconic representation – the 27m stainless steel slide located in the lobby.  This is not just for decoration, but you can slide down from the second floor.


Kids were really having fun and thrilled with the slide !  (adults can slide too !)  Do note the opening hours of the slide (11am to 12pm or 3pm to 6pm).  You could borrow a slide seat from the counter to make your ride smoother.



There were also other interesting retro pieces in the lobby like the barber chair and the old weighing machine. Besides that, you could borrow the bicycles and cycle around the area.




Sofa made entirely by balls.


Notice the wall clock ? IBM.


This was taken at night – LED Reddot signage.


Even the lift was so colourful !


Signboard direction to the rooms.


The room was quite well designed with ample space (L room with King bed).reddot-room2

The beautiful flora design on the bed head added a local touch to the minimalist concept.

The bed was super big and comfy – one of the nicest bed I ever slept !  I guess they use good quality mattress and bed sheets.

reddot-bedhead reddot-room


I realised that the hotel paid detailed attention to the room amenities.  Example, sufficient charging points, free wifi, mineral water, good quality slippers, mini fridge, a luggage box shape that contained the toiletries.

Most satisfying is having coffee from Nespresso machine – capsules free of charge !


Spacious and clean bathroom with bathtub and heated toilet bowl with electronic bidet (pretty useful especially during winter)


Breakfast is on the basement level of the hotel.  The hotel serves semi-buffet, where you can choose a breakfast set and help yourself to the buffet table – fruits, salad, cereal, porridge with side dishes, bread and etc.  Indeed, a wide variety of food !


Teddy bear French toast with fruits – comes with appetizer and pumpkin soup


The other 2 sets were mushroom with sunny up egg and chicken with scrambled egg.


Breakfast buffet dishes

reddot-buffet1 reddot-buffet2

I love the pork floss with porridge !

reddot-buffet3 reddot-buffet4

Industrial inspired breakfast hall – notice that the lamps and table legs !


There was also a art gallery behind the lobby.  Can you guess the cartoon characters ?


There is also a small gym and business center.


After the breakfast, we checked out and proceeded to Sunmoonlake with our driver, Mr Zhu.

Overall, Reddot hotel gave me a good impression of their service and it was a superb stay experience !  Most importantly, you do not need to worry to burst your wallet as the price is quite reasonable with such high quality room ($3280twn for a weekday stay – price for reference only) !

Reddot has an online reservation system – Website.  Do let them know you seen my recommendation !

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  1. Thank you for your sharing on Travel Tuesday. Wow, I almost wanted to stay here when I was in Taichung. But changed my mind to stay near Fengjia night market instead. Which turned out to be not so great. My kids would have loved staying here so much more.

    1. I enjoyed my quality stay at Reddot.

      Yes it is not near to Fengjia. Although we engaged a driver for my twn trip but we didn’t ask him to wait for us as we would shop pretty late. Also want the driver to have a gd rest.
      Anyway we took a cab back to Reddot which is less than 200 twn.

      The other time we stayed at In One near Fengjia, also quite ok.

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