Jane Castle Yilan Minsu – Fancy staying in a fairy tale castle !!!

Talking about this Yilan trip in March – it all started when I saw this minsu – Jane castle. Oh no, isn’t this looks as if it belongs in a fairy tale story ?


The castle exterior was so eye catching and even my driver knew the location when I described to him – “the orange castle”.   (see if you can spot the rooftop garden ?)


The castle with its bright orange appearance and pointy turrets is so attractive ! Take a look at the different angle of the castle – isn’t it beautiful ?


Even the entrance looks majestic !



There is a carpark at the entrance of the castle and a small cosy backyard garden with alfesco dining tables located at the furthest end.  It’s a pity that it wasn’t sunny when we took the photo (actually it was drizzling).  The photos will be even more beautiful with a bright blue sky!  If you have time, you can enjoy an afternoon tea or breakfast in the garden.


My driver, Mr Zhu’s van is also in the below picture.


The backyard garden also has a yellow duck.



Stepping into this minsu is as if you are one of the fairy tale character. At first, I can’t decide whether it is a Sleeping Beauty Castle or Snow White castle. But soon, I knew – cos I saw Snow White and the seven dwarfs in the center of the castle !


The Jane castle has two separate accomodation areas – the left is Louvre 羅浮宮 and on the right corner is Versailles 凡爾賽.  If you have a big group (eg. 16 pax), you can booked the one of the tower.  The center area (with Snow White & Seven Dwarfs in front)  is the reception cum dining area.


Each accommodation tower has its own entrance.  You can easily identify by the signage in front of the entrance.  Here’s the Louvre 羅浮宮.


The Louvre accomodation has six themed rooms with ensuite (can stay up to 16 pax).  Upon entering, you can see a luxurious living room to be shared by guests.  I think it’s a good idea to have a common area to interact with other guests.  Two rooms are located in the ground floor, while the rest are in the 2nd and 3rd floor.


The Louvre living room is simply glamorous and grand looking ! I feel just like a royalty haha !


We were very lucky to have the whole living room as it was a weekday and there were no other guests on that day.

There is also a dining area cum a modern kitchenette. It’s just like a family home with a relax and comfortable atmosphere.

The minsu boss was very nice to serve us welcome fruits.


Next, let’s look at the rooms. The Louvre tower’s rooms are all castle themed rooms and all the rooms are named after the King, Queen, Prince or Princess room. I can see that every corner of the room is carefully designed with beauty and style.  The boss really pays attention to every decor detail (eg. lighting, sofa, bed frame, wall paper, curtains, dustbin, toilet tiles and etc) to create a consistent look and feel. I’m wondering how to source for those things, especially the dustbin. All these add a nice touch to the room.

Prince Harry room – the room is spacious and bright with natural light.  In fact, all rooms have a big window.  This room also has a bathtub.

Jane-Harry Jane-Harry2

Duke Windsor room has two double bed – perfect for family stay !


There is a big window where you can view the nice greenery scenery – paddy field.


A teapot shape lamp !


I’m literally blown away when I stepped into my room (2nd floor) – Princess Anne ! This princess theme decor is simply too dreamy and enchanting and this is one of most popular rooms !




The bedding is so comfy and big ! I really loved the pastel color and the decoration of the room – the curtain, side table and lamp, princess sofa and the pink and white bathroom tiles and the unique TV rack !


Next to our room is the Queen Mary room – the dazzling red color sets the room with a outstanding ambience !



After introducing the Queen room, next is the King Charles room –  gold is used to present the royalty element.  Also look at the crystal lighting !


The other room that my sisters and mum were staying was the 4 person room – Black Knight.


A close-up shot on the wall picture.

Jane-BKhight Jane-BKhight-2

The other accommodation on the right is the Versailles tower and it has 5 themed rooms.  The rooms are more towards exotic design.   There is also a living room and kitchenette.

The most popular room in this tower is the Rome Palace.  It’s a pity I didn’t manage to view the room.  Do you know why it’s so popular ?  I’ve seen some blogs recommending the room – besides being a luxury room, it has an rooftop garden!


See the antique wall mounted clock – it’s really exquisite !



The ground floor is the Santorini room – very nicely decorated with blue sea theme.



Sweetheart room – such a colourful room and the washroom is just too dreamy !

Jane-Sweetroom Jane-sweet2

Indian theme room – cleverly uses the striking fabric color to present the diverse culture of India.

Jane-india Jane-India2

Bohemian theme room – the room uses bold colors and middle east style fixtures to present this theme.   Very beautiful multicolored hanging lamp !



Only the Santorini 聖多里尼, Bohemian 波希米亞 and Rome Palace 羅馬皇宮 have the bathtub.

The next morning, we went to the dining area to have our breakfast – Taiwanese porridge with numerous side dishes, toast bread, coffee/tea and soya bean milk.  The porridge with sweet potato was very delicious and my mum kept praising the bread was very soft.

Jane-dining Jane-Bf3 Jane-Bf1 jane-bf

Indeed, Jane Castle did not disappoint me at all !  All the rooms were tastefully decorated with exquisite furniture.  The minsu also kept the place spick and span.  I had a wonderful stay here and really enjoyed my room and the surrounding !  Once we entered into the living room and rooms, it was all ‘wow’ and ‘wow’.  Really an memorable minsu experience !

If you have chance to come to Yilan, do come and stay at the Jane Castle !  The lady boss is really a nice and friendly person.  Do let the lady boss knows that you’ve seen my blog recommendation !

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  1. Wong weng Kuan · · Reply

    We ( my wife & myself) will be visiting Taiwan from 5 june to 10 june. Your suggested Yolanda and visit to the gorge with driver seem interesting. Can you reply to my email and give me contact or arrangement by you. I m ok. You can also arrange for Jane castle.
    Thank you.

    1. replied to your email.

  2. Wong weng Kuan · · Reply

    I took up your recommendation and stay over at Jane Castle from june 5-june 7 2014. No regrets !! The accomodation is clean and cosy. Jane, the Minsu owner is friendly, helpful and warm. It make your stay at their “castle” an experience, something different from a hotel stay.

    Jane can also plan your visit itinerary with a hand written note that you can show to the person you asking for direction to the places that she recommend you to visit. Step by step instructions!!!fantastic!!!

    A GOOD stay we had. Thank you for your blog


    1. Yeah, glad you have a good time at Jane castle! Ya, the lady boss is friendly and nice too.

      1. sparkle · ·

        I’m planning an oversea trip to Yilan & thought your reco would bring delights to my little girls!

        May I know if you pay the deposit via Paypal? Balance via credit card upon check out? Would there be any other additional charges? I was trying to make sense out of the chinese words on the website but still not very clear. Thanks!

      2. Replied to your email.

  3. Serene Chew · · Reply

    Are you able to provide the Link for me to do a reservation with Jane Castle please?

    1. Yes replied you.

  4. Sabrina · · Reply

    Hi,can you recommend your driver in Yilan? Is it enough for 7 pax?

    1. Ok replied.

  5. Yes, I would like to have the contact for Jane castle, as am planning my itinerary for Yilan. I wonder if its expensive?

    1. Replied you. Room rates will be cheaper during wkday.

  6. huitiang02@hotmail.com · · Reply

    Hi,can you recommend your driver in Yilan? i have a total of 6 pax for the trip.

    1. Replied to your email.

  7. Hi, can I have the contact of the driver in Yilan as well. Thanks in advance.

    1. Replied you.

      1. Sandra · ·


        My friends and I stayed in Jane Castle during our trip in Yilan in October 2014 after reading your blog.

        The ‘Sweetheart’ room was nicely decorated, neat and clean. Equipped with the necessary toiletries. The Owners were very friendly. Breakfast although simple but tasty.

        Thank you for your recommendation 🙂

  8. Hi, how did u book the accommodation? Saw the website but it’s all in chinese and I’ve problem navigating thru the page. What is the rate and how many rooms should i book for 4 adults & 2 kids. Thanks!

    1. Replied you.

  9. Hi, are you able to provide me with the link to book the rooms? Can you also share with me how do we make payment and all?

    Thank you!

    1. Alr send you the details.

  10. Hi, Nice reading through ur blog. Can you share with me on the booking for the accomodation? Would like to have contact for the driver too 🙂 thank u so much^^

    1. Replied you.

  11. Hi,
    My family is going to stay at Jane Castle when we are in Taiwan next Feb. As we have 2 small children with us, we would like to book a car (with driver) to send us from Taoyuan airport to Yilan – Jane castle.
    Do you happen to have any driver contact who can help us?

    1. Replied to your email.

  12. DOREEN Seah · · Reply

    Hi – Can you please let me have the contact for the accommodation?
    Thanking you in advance. doreen

    1. replied to your email.

  13. Priscilla · · Reply

    Hi, can you provide me the link to make reservation with Jane Castle and the driver’s contact pls.
    Thanks! =)

    1. Replied to your email.

  14. Hi
    I am very impressed with your recommendation on Jane Castle.
    I am considering a all Taiwan trip in Oct. What can you recommend for my itineray for about 10days. There’s only 2 of us.

  15. Cheryl · · Reply

    Can you provide me the contact of the driver?
    I have a total of 9 pax so am wondering if they have a coach/van big enough to fetch us all in one, so we do not have to split into two groups on our trip in Yilan.
    Would also like to know roughly how much it would cost for the accommodation in Jane’s castle in June!
    Appreciate it much ! (: Thank you!

    1. Replied to your email.

  16. Angel · · Reply

    Your blog looks so interesting. Can you pls provide me the contact or website to check prices for Jane castle?
    Can you also kindly provide contact from Taoyuan to Jiayi? We have 8 person, 3 adults and 5 kids. Thanks so much. Have a great day ahead 🙂

    1. Replied to your email.

  17. Thank you for your sharing on Travel Tuesday. This is SO COOL!! I’m definitely pinning this down for my future Taiwan trips!

  18. rbhome · · Reply

    Could you give me details of the mingsu at yilan and also driver’s contact details? Thanks.

    1. Replied to your email.

  19. eKelly · · Reply

    Hi, Thank you for your recommendation. My family, together with another 3 family (total 14 of us, 8 adults, 6 kids) are planning to go to Yilan in Dec 2015. Can you advise me how to make booking to stay at Jane Castle. Can you recommend your driver in Yilan?

    1. Replied to your email.

  20. Desmond · · Reply

    Hello! Can i have the contact details to book Jane Castle? Thank you!

  21. Hi. Where did you make the booking from? Is it directly with the minsu? How much did you pay for it? Thanks.

    1. Replied to your email.

  22. Hi,
    Yr blog is so interesting.can u share how to book jane castle n contact of driver as well as yilan itinerar? Many thks..

    1. Replied to your email.

  23. taypuaysan · · Reply

    Would love to have the contact of the minsu as we are travelling this Dec. hope to hear from you soon. Thank u:)

    1. Replied to your email.

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