East Red 東方紅 Teppanyaki Restaurant (Jiaoxi)


Yilan is one of the Taiwan city that I like to go.  The Taiwanese describe Yilan as the back garden of Taipei city.  Just an one hour drive away from Taipei and you can enjoy the countryside scenery !  There are many nice minsu in Yilan and you can find new and interesting ones popping up.  I will introduce the Jane castle minsu in the next post.

In Yilan, there are many ‘No Menu’ restaurants.  This time, we were going to try the East Red (www.east-red.tw) teppankayi restaurant at Jiaoxi.


The front door looks oriental but pretty grand looking.  Once you step in, you can see the cashier counter and next to it is a separate dining area for after-meal dessert and drink.


There are 4 teppankayi dining tables and each can sit about 10 pax.


Teppankayi is a different dining style.  It’s pretty interesting to enjoy the chef cooking directly on the hot girdles and the food aroma makes you even mouth-watering.  Here’s a glimpse of our meal !  Are you tempted ?

We really had a sumptuous meal – the food were really fresh and that’s make a great difference !  The meal really exceeded our expectations !


As this is a No Menu restaurant, the menu is prepared based on daily available ingredients.  The chef will make adjustment based on on your food preference.  So it keeps us anticipated what’s the next dish.
First, we were served with appetizer – chilled onion and kimchi. followed by fresh fruit.




This dish is incredibly good – the chef sprinkle the cheese on the hotplate and then wrap the baked cheese with the fish.  It’s crispy outside but melts in your mouth. Really loved this !

ER-cheese ER-cheese2

Yummy ‘high class’ steamed egg with black caviar on top to enhance the taste level.


Pan fried oyster from hokkaido – really fat and juicy.


Big and juicy grilled scallop from Hokkaido.


Oh this fish really good- crispy outside and very tasty meat !  I want to have more !!

ER-fish1 ER-fish2 ER-fish3

There are two type of soup to choose – crispy puff soup and the pumpkin soup.  I regretted not choosing the crispy puff because I loved the crust as it  was soft yet crispy.  Although the pumpkin soup was nice and sweet too,  but I seldom ate such good crust – sob sob !



Grilled abalone with pepper salt.

ER-abalone1 ER-abalone2

The lobster baked with sea urchin sauce – so fragrance and marvellous taste !  The chef also showed us how to peel the meat from the shell.


The chef told us to eat the duck meat first, then followed by duck meat with garlic and lastly with the pepper salt.

ER-duckmeat ER-duckmeat2


Guess what’s inside the aluminum foil – it’s vegetables !


XO sauce fried rice – the chef cooked the fried rice very well – very tasty and a bit spicy !


Throughout the meal, they also served two drinks – brewed vinegar and plum juice drink.


Well, this was not the end ! We were brought to another dining area for after-meal dessert.

Please do not underestimate this small chocolate cake – simply divine !  You can choose hot or cold drink too.


I would say that this dining experience with East Red was lavish and I truely enjoyed my meal!  Very personalised service with the chef cooking and the waiter serving the food.  The waiter was very attentive too and kept refilling our tea.  He heard that my phone battery was going flat and quickly provided me a phone charger.  The well-trained staff plus the excellent food summed up to a complete satisfying dining experience !

If you do not have very tight travelling budget, I will recommend you to try out this fine dining restaurant – East Red.  The set meal ranges from $1300 – $2000 twn per person.

You can do a one day trip to Jiaoxi just like me.  I went for a hotspring resort (www.smoking-rock.com) first and followed by a fine cuisine meal.  What a perfect way to enjoy my holiday !

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