Taiwan 2013 Jul Trip – Day 3 Taitung itinerary with Driver (Part 1)

Day 3 – One day Taitung itinerary with driver.  We covered quite a few Taitung attractions within a day.  Of course, the most anticipated one was the Taitung Hot Air Balloon festival at Luye Gaotai.

As the post is pretty long with lot of pictures .  I will spilt into 2 posts:

Part 1 – Luye Gaotai/Wuling Green Tunnel/Heaven Road/Brown Bouvelard/Liushidan Mountain)

Part 2 – Taitung Hot Air Balloon festival.

Our Day 3 started early morning with a simple breakfast (sandwich & coffee – breakfast coupon provided by minsu) at a nearby cafe.  We had arranged a day trip with minsu boss and our first destination was the Luye Gaotai – Hot Air balloon.

When we reached Luye Gaotai 鹿野高台 at 8am, we realised that the Hot Air Balloon was over for the morning session.  No sight of the hot air balloon at all.  The boss said that we could come back later for the afternoon session.



For safety reasons, balloon flights were only available in the early morning and evening.  You need to queue very early if you want to take the balloon flight, as early as 3pm for the evening flight.

Since it was quite early, the minsu boss suggested that we could go to the Wuling Green Tunnel 武陵永德綠色隧道.  The Wuling Green Tunnel was a beautiful road with dense trees on both sides of the road.


The minsu boss stopped at a cafe along the road – Angel Mini Cafe.  The first thing that attracted me was the Mini car in front of the cafe.


Well, there were another 3 Mini cars at the backyard.

Day3-minicar1 Day3-Minicar2 Day3-Minicar3 Day3-minicar4

We ordered coffee and sat at the outdoor dining area.  Chatting and enjoying the breeze under the shady trees – this is what we called ‘slow life’ concept – haha !!  When you come to Taitung, let the locals teach you how to enjoy simple pleasures with surrounding nature !



After our tea break, we set off to the ChiShang Township. Ever since the superstar Takeshi Kaneshiro 金城武 was filmed at the beautiful “Heaven Road” (天堂路) and “Brown Boulevard” (伯朗大道), the ChiShang Township became very popular with tourists.

Day3-chishang1 Day3-chishang2 Day3-chishang3

The scenary was very beautiful with the vast stretches of rice fields.  (although some fields were already cropped)  Notice that there isn’t any electric post here !  The weather was super hot and there was no shelter.

Day3-chishang5 Day3-chishang-cycling

We happened to see a hotel organising a long connecting bicycles tour and they stopped at the big tree where Takeshi Kaneshiro was filmed sitting there and sipping the tea.  The organiser even prepared a tea pot and we borrowed the bowl to take a quick picture.  The organiser was quite cute, even showed us how to pose. Haha.  It was really hot, can’t imagine if we were to take the bicycle tour.


Here my hubby posing under the tree !


The minsu boss suggested that we could go to Liushidan Mountain (六十石山).  In fact, this mountain is at Hualien country, but it’s also near to Taitung.  This is a great place with nice scenary !

More photos coming !  The sky was so beautiful that day !

Day3-sixtymountain1 Day3-sixtymountain Day3-sixtymountain12

There was a pavillion at the top.  The view was fantastic with vast green carpet and beautiful sky! We met a photographer who stood under the hot sun and waiting for the cloud to clear so that he could take a perfect scenary photo.  We did some exchanges as his wife was waiting for him at the pavillion.  Really loving couple ! In the end, he gave up as the cloud didn’t clear up.

Day3-sixtymountain11 Day3-sixtymountain10 Day3-sixtymountain9 Day3-sixtymountain8

The photographer with the straw hat.

Day3-sixtymountain7 Day3-sixtymountain6 Day3-sixtymountain5 Day3-sixtymountain4 Day3-sixtymountain3

If you go during August or September, you can see big patches of Daylily flowers or Golden needle flowers.  I could only see a few flowers as it was end July. If you happen to go to Liushidan Mountain, you can buy the famous ChiShang lunch box and have the meal at the pavillion while enjoying the spectacular landscape.  Great view must go with good food – isn’t it?  haha !!

Day3-daylily Day3-daylily2

After we went to Guanshan Rice County School to have our lunch.  This Rice County School is also a Guanshan farmer’s tourist center and they also sell rice and other taitung products (eg. custard apple ice-cream). A lot of people will come here to try the famous big bowl rice 大碗公飯 and it comes with a few dishes (big drumstick, vege, tofu, cabbage, etc) – 100 twn.  What is special about this meal ?  It is less oil, low salt and sugar, and high fiber.  I managed to finish the entire bowl as the food was yummy !  I only took one photo here.   Photo was a bit blurred.

If you are interested, you can read another blog: Venus.


初鹿牧場(Chulu Ranch) We didn’t find any cows at the ranch (not sure why – maybe too hot), but there were some colorful fake ones.  There were pony rides for kids and horse carriage too.  Anyway, it was pretty hot.  Glad to be in a air-con cafe and had a coffee first.

My Taitung itinerary Day trip with driver – to be continued in Part 2 !  For my July 13 Taiwan itinerary, click here.

Day3-Chulu1 Day3-Chulu5 Day3-Chulu2 Day3-chulu3



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