Taiwan 2013 Jul Trip – Day 2 Taichung to Taitung

Read here for my July 2013 itinerary.

Here’s a short brief on my Day 2 trip details.

We started off our morning with breakfast at the Shark Bites Toast.  It wasn’t too far away from our accommodation – Fengjia LifeStay hostel.  Luckily, I bought the SIM card with data plan – use the GPS to locate the café.

Signage of the Shark Bites Toast.


Look at the bread – gotten a bite from the Shark.

Shark Bites Exterior

Ordering counter

Shark-counter Shark-interior

This was my breakfast – French toast with fresh mango & mango ice-cream – pretty delicious !


This was my hubby’s breakfast set.


After a hearty breakfast, we went to the 7-11 to get our HSR tickets as I realised that we did not have much time to collect at Taichung HSR.  Just need to pay a small fee for the collection.  Otherwise, I needed to reach the HSR 45mins earlier to collect the tickets.
The HSR shuttle bus was a small bus with no luggage compartment.  However, we could still bring our luggages up.  If you have a big group with big luggages, I suggested to take a cab to HSR.  The bus journey was about half hour to the HSR station.


The journey to Taitung was a little complicated as we needed to change from HSR to the normal train at Kaohsiung.  Most of Day 2 was spent on travelling and we finally reached Taitung at 330pm.

As July was also the Taiwan school holiday, the rooms at Taitung got snapped up very fast, especially weekends.  My trip to Taiwan was planned only one month in ahead and by chance or fate, I came across this new minsu in Taitung city.  I saw that the minsu location was within walking distance to local food and night market, so I decided to try it out !  It turned out to be a exceptional good stay.  See my Romeo minsu review here.

After we had placed our luggages, the minsu boss was very nice and brought us to eat soya beancurb as we were a little hungry.  After that, he suggested that we could go to the Taitung Forest Park 台東森林公園 and gave us a lift.  He told us that we could either stroll or rent a bike and explore further where the Pipa Lake is.

Close to Taitung Forest Park is the Seashore park (海濱公園).

Day2-Taitungforest Day2-Taitungpark2 Day2-Taitungpark Day2-taitungpark5



Going to Pipa Lake.  Most people will rent a bicycle as this area is too big to explore on foot.

If you are a cyclist fan, you can join a half day cycling tour in Taitung.  (can check out with your hotel/minsu or Ah Du cycling shop)


Crystal clear water – can see reflection in water.


Something unusual – We saw someone strolling a pink pig.  So cute the piggy with a pink hat !


After exploring the Pipa Lake, we went back to the minsu.  We had a dinner reservation at the Loveing restaurant (Italian food).  See our raving food review here !

That ended our Day 2 !


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