Taiwan 2013 Jul Trip – Day 3 Taitung itinerary – Hot Air Balloon Fiesta (Part 2)

This is the most exciting part for my Taitung itinerary – Taitung Hot Air Balloon festival !   You can read my earlier Taitung itinerary here: Part 1.

For my July 13 Taiwan itinerary, click here.


Soon, it was close to 5pm.  We drove to the Luye Gaotai again.  There was a carnival with some food stalls.  We saw that there was no movement at the grass field.  We wasn’t sure if the balloons would be inflated.  (if wind too strong, they might cancel it).HA2

The excitement started when balloon pumped up.  If you want to experience the hot air balloon, you can queue for the float for $500twn (5mins) or the free-fly excursions ($8000 twn for 30mins with prior reservation).  The 5 min float requires on the spot booking, so please queue super early !  ( I think you need to queue as early as 3pm for the evening session)



This year, there were a few cute designed balloons like ‘Angry Bird’, ‘Turtle’, etc.   We didn’t manage to see those balloons.

We saw the Star wars – Darth Vader.  See below the Darth Vader is inflating !




The balloons were slowly being inflated one by one.  The host really knew how to turn the entire atmosphere to the highest.  There were all together 14 balloons that day.

It was really fun and exciting to see the balloons inflating and flying off.  We were busy running around to take pictures.  If you have a chance, do go to Taitung to experience this festival.  (For 2014, the Hot Air Balloon runs from June to mid August)







The rainbow hot air balloon



The Taitung hot air balloon.


The twin Upside-Down balloon (belonging to German automation technology brand Festo) – we wonder how it is going to fly ?  Will reveal later.





The event organizers purposely kept everyone hanging in suspense until its first flight in Taitung on July 21, which gave people the answer they were looking for. It turns out that the basket for the pilot is hidden within the balloon itself, making it invisible to onlookers. Since the pilot can’t see outside, guidance is needed from the other balloon, and that is why the two always fly together.



It’s really an exciting spectacle of 2013 Taiwan International Balloon Fiesta!



  1. Hi, I am planning a trip to taiwan in early december. I chanced upon your blog and noticed you have been to taiwan so many times. wow!! On some trips you have hired a driver. I am looking for one driver. do you have any contacts? I will be travelling with my 4 kids and my mum. altogether 7pax, difficult to take cab.Thank you.

    1. Ya a driver will be better for big group. Emailed you already.

  2. Hi,

    Am going to Taiwan this November. Will be in Taipei for 6 days. There are 6 of us. Appreciate if you could provide the drivers contacts ? Thanks in advance.


    1. Replied to your email.

  3. Hi sflow00, I’ll be going to Taiwan during the countdown period December to January, do you know that whether we could still experience the hot air balloon in Taitung if we going during early January?

    Thanks in advance 🙂


    1. No the hot air balloon only during summer – jul to aug.

  4. Hi I am leaving to Taiwan in Nov. I have a group of ten. Can you recommend a driver? Thanking you in advance!

    1. Replied to your email.

  5. cindy · · Reply

    Hi sflowoo, your blog is really interesting. I happen to go to Taiwan in July this year during the hot air balloon festival. is it possible to go there in one day trip from Taipei? could you suggest any tour I can take? or what transportation would be the best for one day trip from Taipei?

    1. Replied to your email.

  6. Hi sflowoo, can you kindly recommend the driver you used for your trip in Taitung? I will be travelling with my family. Thanks in advance.

    1. Replied to your email.

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