July 2013 Taiwan Itinerary

This year I went to Taiwan twice, once in Feb and another trip in July.  My Feb trip was mainly for viewing cherry blossom.  What am I doing in Taiwan in July ?? Haha, my main intention was to go to the Taitung hot air balloon festival.

Although I’ve been to taiwan several times, I have not visited Taitung at all.  Taitung is at the furthest east, another 2 hours train ride from Hualien.  From Taipei to Taitung, it will be a 5 hour ride.   That’s very far !

Here’s my July Taiwan itinerary (Click on the links to read the details):

Day 1 – Airport to Taichung (via Kuoguang coach).
Check into Taichung Seeking Motel for 3 hours rest first as we took the overnight Scoots flight.
My Taichung itinerary was more leisure – mainly to shop and eat at Yizhong Street and Fengjia Night Market. Stayed at a Taichung hostel Fengjia Life Stay near Fengjia night market.

Day 2  – Taichung to Taitung (via HSR to Kaohsiung and train to Taitung)
A long travelling day from Taichung to Taitung.  We need to change from HSR (Taichung to Kaohsiung) to the slow train (Kaohsiung – Taitung).  Reached Taitung around 3pm plus.

Checked into Taitung Romeo minsu and went to Taitung Forest Park for a walk.  Read here for Taitung Romeo minsu review.
Dinner at an Italian restaurant called Loveing Restaurant.  Read here for Loveing Restaurant review.

Day 3 – Taitung (Minsu arranged day trip)
A day to explore Taitung together with the minsu boss.
Wuling Green Tunnel – Angel Mini Cafe – ChiShang Township (Heaven Road & Brown Boulevard) – Liushidan Mountain – Chulu Ranch – Luye Gaotai (Hot Air Balloon Festival)

Read here for Part 1 Day 3 Taitung trip.

Here are a few pictures at the hot air balloon festival – pretty happening !  Will have another post to talk about my day trip !

Read here for Part 2 Day 3 Taitung trip – Taitung Hot Air Balloon Fiesta.



Day 4 – Taitung (self drive)
Self drive from Taitung city to Juhu Minsu 竹湖山居  (Changbin town)

Little Yeliu – Xiao yuer cafe – Water running up area – Donghe bao shop – Bashian Cave

Day 5 – Hualien (self drive)
Check-out from Juhu and drive straight to Ravello minsu in Hualien.
Pretty hot day.  We didn’t stop at many attractions along the way.
Nan-an Visitor Center – Lunch at Yuli town (local specialty Yuli Noodle) – Hualien sugar factory – Ravello Minsu – ChiHsingTan – Zhiqiang night market – Hualien city area for more food

For my previous Hualien trips, you can read here.

Day 6 – Hualien to Taipei (via train)
Lunch at famous Jap restaurant.
Board train back to Taipei.

Day 7 to 11 – Taipei
Slow & Relax in Taipei.

The anticipating Robot Kitty exhibition at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park (from July till 20 Oct 13).

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  1. Indry · · Reply

    Hi .. just wondering whether Wego and Taichung seeking motel is safe for family? Because in some places this kind of motels with private garages are for couples who just need to stay in for hours only (you know what I meant).
    I plan to visit Taiwan in July with my two daughters so I love getting lots of info from your blog.
    Thank you.

    1. Replied to your email.

  2. Jasmine · · Reply


    I chanced upon your blog and see that you’ve stayed in various minsu/hotels in Hua Lien, is there any one in particular that you will recommend in terms of view and location? Im deciding between Ocean bnb, Hotel Bayview but Ravello seems nice too.


    1. Replied to your email.

  3. Miki Lim · · Reply

    Hi, may I get from you the contact for your Taitung driver? Thank you!

    1. Replied to your email

  4. Hi, I’m gg taichung & cingjing in nov & staying there for 2 separate nites in taichung & 2 nites at cingjings, hence need some advice. Of all the minsu u hv previouly stayed in taichung & cingjing, wat would be your preferred list like? In order of most recommended to least preferred? Thank you!

    1. Replied you.

  5. Hi, I have booked In One City Inn Taichung for Dec after reading yr itinerary. I am interested to visit Shinshe Summit and strawberry farm. Any advice? Thanks

    1. Replied to your email.

  6. Hi, im gg to taichung, sunmoonlake, cinjing. Could you recommend me the minsu to stay in each place? Thanks.

    1. Replied to your email.

  7. Alice Chan · · Reply


    24 Apr 2015

    26 Apr late afternoon

    27 Apr Evening

    1 May Late afternoon

    3 May Evening

    Need advice on :

    1. transport to get around in Taitung
    2. most time and cost effective way to get
    back to Taichung
    3. contact name/phone number/email of
    private driving service
    4. minsu in Taitung and Taichung

    Many tks

    1. Replied to your email.

  8. Hi, i have been reading your blog about the taiwan trips. I am planning for my itineary.

    Day 1 reach taipei, raohe night market

    Day 2 national taiwan museum, CKS memorial hall, longshan temple, snake alley, ximendinh shopping district

    Day 3 to check in at keelung station, to yehliu, jiufen, keelung night market

    Day 4 pingxi, shifen waterfall, keelung night market

    Day 5 to taichung, rainbow village, fengjia night market

    Day 6 to hualien, water cliff curtain, aboriginal cultural village, night market

    Day 7 sunrise hehuasan national park, cingjing farm, sun moon lake

    Day 8 taroke gorge

    Day 9 to taipei, maokong cable car, beitou hot spring, shilin night market

    Day 10 taipei 101, sunyatsen memorial hall, taipei eye, martys shrine

    Day 11 to airport

    Please give me some advise whether it is doable by public transport?

    Thank you very much

    1. Replied to your email.

  9. Hi

    Thanks for your blogs on Taiwan.. its very informative.

    Can i ask which car rental company did you use? Is it easy to drive in Taiwan? We are thinking of picking up a car from Taichung and driving up to CingJing and Taroko, then to Hualien and return the car in Taipei.

    Can you advise? We are travelling with 2 adults and 2 kids (3 and 8)


    1. Replied to your email.

  10. Yan Ling · · Reply

    Hi, may I know which car rental company did you rent from? Where was the pick-up point and the drop-off point? May I have your itinerary for Taitung and Hualien trip? I am going to Taitung in April 2017 and would very much appreciate your help 😀

    1. Replied to your email.

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