Loveing Taitung Restaurant 愛上台東義式餐廳

This July 13, we went to Taitung for 3 days.  Here’s my July 2013 itinerary.

If you are thinking of some nice place for celebration, I would recommend you this restaurant – Loveing Taitung.
Loveing restaurant  is located in the Taitung city and guess what food they serve ?  It’s reasonably priced italian food.  The restaurant’s facade was warm welcoming and the interior was cosy decorated.  This was not an upscale restaurant where sometimes you might get tense with the dining etiquettes.  It’s a small cozy dining place where you could relax and enjoy the food.  Great ambience for family gathering or celebration !   The staff were pretty attentive and they would clearly explain the choices in the meal set.

I recommend to order a set meal as it includes a salad, soup, drink and main course (pasta, pizza, baked rice, etc).  Prices ranges from 318 twn onwards – cheap indeed.  The menu is easy to read as there are pictures and also in English too.  You can go to their website to look at their menu.We ordered the special 2 person set, and the portion was too generous – should be for 3 persons!
Food was very delicious with very generous portion sizes.  I was really impressed by the chicken wings – it was really well marinated !  The prawns in my baked penne were really fresh and for dessert try the honey toast bread !  Just see my food photos !
Pumpkin cream soup

Yummy chicken wings

Baked cheesy penne with prawns
Risotto with chicken chop.  The chicken chop has cheese inside – a nice surprise !  Intially, we wanted to try the risotto with clam ink sauce.  The menu picture was really tempting, but the waitress told us it would be a little spicy.  Try out next time !
Fruit Honey Toast Bread
Kiwi Sorbet & Lemon plum juice

The boss was very hospitable and shared with us that they were originally from Taipei.  He and his wife went for a holiday trip to Taitung and they fell in love with Taitung.  They decided to move to Taitung and start up a business.  At first, I thought the boss was a chef.  He said that he had no prior experience in cooking Italian food.  He had to work at some Italian restaurants to pick up the cooking skills.  Really felt their passionate into doing this business.

I strongly recommend this restaurant to anyone who wants a tasty Italian meal.  Great food, totally affordable !  If you are a tourist, you could also pick up some Taitung travel brochures in the restaurant.
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