Taiwan 2012 Nov Day 4 – Cingjing Photography Session 薔薇騎士婚紗

Cingjing Photography session with Rosen Ritters 薔薇騎士婚紗 


This was my 3rd trip to Cingjing.  After my previous trip in Cingjing, I decided that it would be nice to have our family shoot here – beautiful mountainous scenary with altitude 1,750m above the sea.  Cingjing was also a popular place for bridal photos.  I managed to find a photographer, Eira in Taichung.  He also provided services for actual bridal day, bridal photo shoots and pregrancy shoots.  If you are interested, you can take a look at their website :薔薇騎士婚紗.

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We truely enjoyed our photo session with him as the entire session was jovial and fun.  The entire photography session was about 3 hour plus.  I saw on his facebook that his customers commented that he was a nice guy.  True enough, he is really a nice and cute guy !

Firstly, we took some photos at the Euro villa minsu reception area.  After that, we moved to the exterior area – the outdoor patio, and the carpark area where the beautiful trees were located and the slope behind the minsu.

The second photo location was the Green Green Grassland.  We were blessed with a fine and sunny day !  Past two days were raining days.  Below pictures were mostly from our camera.  For the photography session’s photo, see the slide link at the end of post.

You can visit Cingjing farm to experience the nature and the different scenary during different times of the year.  Sometimes, it may be misty and you can see sea clouds.  The sea cloud formation is something that always wow me !

At the Green Grassland, the sheeps roamed freely at the farm and you could easily catch sight of them.

Oh, the sheeps were very greedy !  They would fight for the food.  We had lots of fun feeding the sheep !

The smaller sheeps would be stationed at the sheep castle which was an enclosed area.

After an hour plus at Green Grassland, we proceeded to another walk trail Green Lake Trail 翠湖步道 near the Sweden Holiday Minsu 瑞典假期山莊, Wanpi 玩皮家族民宿 and Shangri-la Hanging Minsu 香格里拉空中花園.   The views were also great as you could view the Green Lake.

We took some pictures at the big platform outside Wanpi minsu.  The Wanpi minsu had a distinctive exterior, colourful dots.  At the platform, you could see a castle, that is Florence minsu 清境佛羅倫斯渡假山莊, Constantinople (君士坦丁堡) manor exterior .

Initially, we wanted to have some pictures with the terraced tea garden as backview (near the green lake trail).  However, there was no parking nearby so that we took some photos at the Shangri-la Hanging Minsu instead (the last photo below).

Our last photo stop was the Old England Manor 老英格蘭莊園. This place was really beautiful especially with the autumn leaves.  The Old England Manor was located near the main road and on the opposite side was the Japanese Style Dragon Manor Resort 龍莊日式會館.



The Old England Manor scenary in autumn period.


As we were not guests of Old England Manor, we parked slightly further away and walked down to the manor.  The Old England Manor was a luxurious accomodation and the room rate was about S$700 per day .  Wow, so expensive, but i think you could expect high quality room and services.  The decor would most probably make you felt like you were in Old England castle (can take a look at the photo albums placed outside) !  You wouldn’t be able to enter the manor unless you were a guest or diner.  The cheapest was the high tea, about 450twn.  Heard that the lunch buffet salad was $500 twn.  However, we were quite rush for time as we needed to go to Lishan after lunch. Just note that only guests are allowed to venture into all compounds, whereas diners are limited to certain dining area.


Some photos from the photographer.



I have upload a slide show that includes a selection of my photography session’s photos.  Click here.  (Please note that besides the photography fees, transport fee is required for locations outside Taichung. There will be editing for selected photos.)  If interested, i can provide the email contact.

If you like to know my Nov 2012 itinerary, click here.

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