Taipei WEGO Boutique Motel 薇閣精品旅館

The car motel is an experience that you need to try in Taiwan.  My first car motel experience was in 2012 – Mulan Motel.  This time Feb 2013, we chose the Wego Boutique motel 薇閣精品旅館 (Dazhi branch).

The Wego motel is quite convenient as it is located just next to the Miramar shopping centre.  Mirarmar shopping centre surrounding has a number of motels like Mulan, Sato, etc.  (Mulan is further away from Miramar, maybe 15mins walk)

You can reach Wego by the MRT – Jianan Exit 3.  This motel aims to incorporate ‘fun’ and ‘hotel’ concepts and they have designed 30+ fun rooms.  They hope to create a different stay experience for guests so that they can return for future stays.

The first time when I went to Mulan motel, I couldn’t find the hotel entrance.  That was because the reception was underneath the carpark.  Who would have thought of that !

For Wego, you do not need to worry as there is a luxury lobby hall for check-in.  There is also a driveway check-in if you arrived by car.  You can leave your luggages at the lobby if you reach there early.  Check-in procedure is a breeze (just like hotel) ! After that, you can take the luggages to your room via the lift.  Even the lift is so different – later you will see.
The posh lobby area.

From 2nd to 6th floor are the rooms with garage : Vogue fun, Modern fun and Luxury fun rooms (or so called President suite for party fun).  7th storey is the Mini Funtel rooms (Fun fun/ Chi fun / Sunny fun) – The 7th floor lobby is also decorated so can take some pictures.  8th floor is the Green Maze – buffet breakfast area.

You can choose to stay for a few hours for a experience or a night stay.  Please note that weekday night (Sun to Thu) stay check-in is from 8pm.  You can reserve 3 different design room, subject to actual day’s availability.  Each room type has their own design themes.  At the reception, you can view the room design from the ipad or you can view from website too. You can see the room prices here.

I didn’t book directly on the Wego website.  Instead, I booked from a seller at yahoo auction and they helped me to reserve the room.  The only inconvenience was that I needed to go and pay them at Shilin MRT.  The rate was slightly cheaper and you could stay longer till 2pm for weekday.  I would advise that you check-in on a weekday cos it’s cheaper and you could stay longer hours.

Before my trip, I read some blogs’ review on the Wego motel and was fascinated by this room design – Fantasy room with the moving horse (Vogue room type). Luckily, it was available on that day.  Please note if you reserved the room at 8pm, you needed to be punctual.  It’s a funny rule but please follow unless you have no room preference !  I even saw from one blog that Wego provided baby cots in the room.  So it’s not solely for couple ! But I’m not sure how they charge.  Breakfast is inclusive in the room rate for overnight stay.

We reached there quite early so we left our luggages and went to Miramar for shopping first.  The Miramar shopping centre was just across the street.  Before 8pm, we went back to Wego for check-in.

The lift would bring you to the floor level but not the room itself (unlike Mulan – the lift brought you directly to your room).  The lift brought us to a big carpark driveway with a stretch of closed garages.  For those who drove, they could drive directly to their room.

Our room was just next to the lift.  When we walked into the room, we were all amazed – the room was super spacious, dreamy and romantic !  I think most people would just wow, wow and wow when they walked into this room !

Near the entrance of the room, there was a minibar counter with coffee pot, hot kettle, mini fridge with drinks, and some tidbits and coffee/tea/milo packs.

This merry-go-round horse was not fake, ok ?  With a press of button, the horse would start moving back and forth with musical and lighting effects.  It’s pretty funny riding on the horse – haha !  Can’t help laughing and riding at the same time – bringing back interesting childhood memories !

The bedroom was so fantasy – just like in a princess fairy tale !

The bathroom was super spacious and luxurious !  I think even the five stars hotel also don’t have such a nice big jacuzzi bathtub for two !

Just a word of caution – the TV near the jaccuzi is totally not suitable for kids.  The big TV outside the bedroom also got some channels not meant for kids.

Separate toilet, and bathroom with steambath facility. Full range of bath toiletries – so nice bottles with crystal cap.

Special toiletries box designed for guy and gal. So sweet !

My room design didn’t have any KTV facilities but there was wifi in the room.  Room was also clean and tidy.  Overall, it is a good interesting stay experience !

Buffet breakfast at the Maze restuarant.   Would you believe the below picture is taken inside a lift ? Yes, the lift was so luxurious with sofa.

Hope this review will entice you to stay a night at Wego ! This car motel is a upscale hotel, not solely for couples, also for family.  ( I did saw kids at the restaurant too.)

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  1. Nice Motel with Unique Themes! Thanks for Sharing! Do you mind to Share how much roughly a room would cost? Thanks

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