Taiwan 2012 Nov Day 3 – Taichung to Nantou attractions (台中- 紫南宫- 妖怪村 – 內湖國小- 清境)

Day 3 itinerary – 台中- 紫南宫 (Tze Nan Temple) – – 內湖國小 (Neihu Primary School ) – 妖怪村 (Monster Village) – 清境 (Cingjing)

If you like to know my Nov 2012 itinerary, click here.  

After check-out from Taichung In One hotel, we went to a temple – Tze Nan Temple (紫南宫) www.landgod.org.tw

Tzu Nan Temple is a Temple of Land God , and located in JhuShan Township, Nantou County, Taiwan.  Despite of raining, it was very crowded at the temple.

After praying, we went to borrow money from The Land God of Tzu Nan Temple.  Firstly, you need to get to get Land God’s agreement, then can borrow money from Tzu Nan Temple.  After you borrowed the money, you could return the money including interest (any amount ).    You could choose to return at a later date.  As we were tourists, we returned immediately.  Quite a special culture in Taiwan.

Outside the temple, there were many souvenir stores.  Happy shopping !

Another must visit at the temple was the 6 star washroom.  Does it looks like washroom  ?  Haha !  The washroom was just pretty big lah.

Neihu Primary School 內湖國小

This primary school is in nantou.  As it was near to the Monster Village, we decided to take a look.  Beautiful school with Jap feel !

XitouThe Monster Village 妖怪村 – This place was really crowded despite of the rain.  It was a Japanese style village and there were cute Japanese monster statues all over this small village and red lanterns hanging in front of the shops.  There were two stretch of shops along the road.

Flaming-red statue of Tian Gou, a mythical demon with a super long nose that could match Pinocchio’s.

The souvenir shop inside the Monster Village is really interesting !  Couldn’t help to stay longer here cos the things were too cute !

Ku Ma and Ba Dou are the village’s mascots.

Our late lunch inside the Monster Village – Japanese restaurant.

After the Monster Village, it was about 3pm plus.  We decided to head straight to Euro Country minsu as the drive to Cingjing was about 2 hours and it would be quite dark when we reached Cingjing.

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