Taiwan 2012 Nov Day 2 Shinshe Attractions – Summit Resort & Mushroom Farm

Day 2 – Shinshe Attractions & Taichung Area

苗栗- 香菇街- 新社古堡 – 午餐 阿榮甕缸雞 – 南天宫 -宮原眼科- 台中酒店

If you like to know my Nov 2012 itinerary, click here.  

The next morning when we woke up, it was a raining day – so disappointing!  We were supposed to see the Shinshe flower show.   After a sumptuous breakfast, we headed to Shinshe.  It was still raining when we reached Shinshe.  We decided to go and buy the mushroom (香菇街) first.  This was our 2nd time here.  As usual, we must buy the dried mushroom back.  Besides getting the mushrooms, we also ate their Braised Pork Rice rice and mushroom meatball soup.

Our next stop was Shinshe Summit resort 新社古堡.  This was a nice castle garden, especially great to take photos – european feel!  There was a spectacular fountain, old castle and a restaurant inside the castle.   See here for the attraction: http://www.summit-resort.com/bossdream/navigation.html

A souvenir shop and cafe where we could redeem partial of our entrance fee.

We had a late lunch at 阿榮甕缸雞.  This restaurant was in Shinshe, just perfect for us to have lunch.  This restaurant was popular for its roasted kampong chicken (450twn each) !  See the big earthern ware that was used to roast the chicken !  This was the traditional grandma way to roast the chicken with firewood.  When you ate the chicken,  the chicken skin was really crispy and when you bit the meat, it had a wood aroma and it wasnt greasy at all !

We had the fried mushroom, vegetables, healthy mushroom steamboat, and roasted chicken.

After lunch, the driver drove to Shinshe flower festival.  Oh no, the entire parking place was so muddy and it was still raining.  We decided to forgo this attraction.  When we reached Taichung, it was already dark.  We went to an ancient temple 南天宫.  This temple was quite grand and had 6 storeys.  After 6pm, only the ground floor was opened.

We quickly prayed and headed straight to the next indoor attraction – 宮原眼科.  Click here for my next post on  宮原眼科 Miyahara.

For our Taichung accomodation, we stayed at In One City Inn hotel, which was 5 mins walk to Fengjia night market.  Click here to read my review.

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