Miyahara 宮原眼科

Miyahara was our Day 2 last attraction.  If you like to know my Nov 2012 itinerary, click here.

Miyahara was quite a new attraction in taichung, near the taichung train station.  This was not an eye centre, but a pastry/souvenir, beverage cum ice cream parlour on ground floor and restaurant on 2nd floor.  In early times, this place was Miyahara ophthalmology department where you could see a eye doctor.   Now, this historical building was bought over by Dawncake (famous pastry shop in Taichung) and they re-decorated the old building and gave it a new life.  I guess the name of building also gave visitors a little suspense.  My sisters didn’t know why I chose this attraction – haha !  They thought that I wanted to buy spectacles.

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Once you entered the building, you could notice its high ceiling, magnificent book walls and neatly arranged sample showcases. Some people said that it looked like Harry Potter scene. Besides that, all the staff were dressed in colorful clothings, and thus creating a special and attractive atmosphere.
They had different kinds of pastries here, pineapple cakes, sun cakes, cheese cakes, chocolates and so on. Most of the pastries had tasting too.

Their packaging for the pastries were really unique. For instance, they packed it into CD-looking boxes, or dictionary-looking ones. The prices ranged from $99 to $1000 twn and more.

See the two door handles were each designed into the numbers 100 and 120 which are meaningful. 100 means that they wish to sell things here for a century, while 120 means that if you eat their natural ingredient food, you can live until you’re 120 years old.

Take a look at the vintage traditional wedding boxes !  Even the tea leave jar also had the wedding word !

The ice-cream queue was quite long even though it was a rainy day. No choice – the ice-cream is a must-try – absolutely fresh and natural ! Too many flavours – hard to select.  There were a total of 54 flavours – three categories of flavors: different strengths of chocolate; Taiwan’s local fruits; and various tea flavors. All ice-cream were without any emulsifiers or food coloring. The prices for ice cream, $90 for a scoop of ice cream and $150 for two scoops of ice cream. You could choose toppings too, for instance, I bought 3 scoops and entitled to 4 toppings. We chose pineapple tart, choco biscuit, cheese and the rum rasins – yummy.  There was a seating area outside the ice-cream parlour.

Miyahara also sold a variety of hand-shaken drinks as well, and the most popular one is their classic pearl milk tea.

I would say that their marketing concept was really good (from decor to packaging) !  Lastly, a picture of the exterior building.

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