Taiwan 2012 Nov Cingjing Minsu – Euro Country Villa 歐鄉美邸

Cingjing Minsu – Euro Country Villa 歐鄉美邸

This is our Day 3 Cingjing minsu stay – Euro Country Villa.  If you like to know my Nov 2012 itinerary, click here.

We reached Cingjing about 5pm plus and it was quite dark already.   Although Cingjing was not a big area, there were many minsu available.  Most of the minsu had signage on the main road as some were hidden up in small roads.

There was a signage to Euro Country which was quite prominent on the main road.  The minsu was located further up the slope.  Before reaching our minsu, we saw 2 other minsus too  – Yun Wu minsu  雲舞樓 (also a yunan restaurant) and Dream Villa  夏都夢幻山林渡假山莊Euro was at the furthest end and after turning several turns, we finally reached Euro Country – distinctive yellow architecture with a tower top.

You can look at the minsu location on this map.

As the minsu did not provide dinner, we went outside to have dinner – 魯媽媽雲南擺夷料理 Aunty Ma’s Yunan Baiyi.

There were quite a few restaurants serving the Yunan Baiyi meals, we chose Aunty Ma.  The minsu owner also gave us the 10% discount coupon.  Another Yunan Baiyi restaurant choice : 好雞婆土雞城.

You can view the menu here (chinese).   If you have a big group, you can order their set meal, which ranges from $2500 for 8 dishes and 1 soup.  Definitely need to order the speciality fish (包料魚), dangkui fried egg (當歸葉煎蛋), minced pork to wrap with cabbage (錦灑) – spicy.  The purple glutinous rice dipped with honey & coconut (dessert) is also nice.  If you come in the day, the scenary is also nice.

After dinner, since it was still drizzling, we went back to our rooms.  We had 2 rooms – double bedroom (ground floor) and 4 person bedroom with loft room 樓中樓四人套房.   The 4 person room was located on the third floor and it offered a great view at the balcony.  The rooms were actually similar as the website pictures.  Rooms were clean and well maintained.

The owner had advised us that this room 樓中樓四人套房 would have better view for sunrise. Indeed, the view from the balcony was stunning on the next day.  It was really nice to wake up and see the beautiful scenary – sea cloud, mountain and also the Old England Manor at a far distance !

Breathtaking scenary with sea clouds !  Beautiful morning in Cingjing !

The country style reception area (also the breakfast area) with the full glass window overlooking the garden gave the entire place a warm and cosy feeling.  A perfect place to have our breakfast !  Nice sofa area with fireplace.

We had a hearty breakfast (local and western style) –  porridge, mountain cabbage and lots of delicious hot dishes, toast bread with butter/jams,  drinks ranging from orange juice to freshly brewed coffee.

There was also a outdoor patio where you could sit, eat and have a great chat !  The view was great as there was no blockage.

The carpark area was beautiful too.  Had some fun playing with the leaves while waiting for our photography session.

It was a bright and sunny day that i could even see the nearby minsu reflection on the window.   If you like this article, please click on the ‘Like’ button.

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  1. Hi, really like your blog, really informative. I am planning a family trip in Taiwan and would really like to get your advice. I will be flying from Singapore to Kaohsiung on 3/12 and returning Taipei on 11/12. I have about 8 days. Can you advise how I could get from Kaohsiung to Cingjing? Would I be able to fit a day in Taichung for strawberry farm visit? Can you also share your driver’s contact with us? Thanks much.

    1. Replied to your email.

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