Yilan Minsu – Beautiful Ilan 真水蘭陽白鷺鷥resort


The next day after the New year eve’s celebration, we moved off to Yilan.  There were so many minsu in Yilan and I really had a hard time to decide which minsu to stay.  After several email communications with different minsus, I finally made up my mind to stay at this pretty new Luodong minsu – about 1 year old minsu – 真水蘭陽白鷺鷥resort.  The minsu also provided free pick-up from the Luodong bus/train station. This minsu also featured by taiwan entertainment TV, click here.

The minsu is situated in a quiet secluded end of a small road.  There is a wetland outside where you can watch birds too !  That day was quite a gloomy day.  The pictures really didnt reflect the true beautiful scenary of the surrounding ! I guess if it was a sunny day and during spring or summer, the pixs will be more beautiful !

The location of this minsu is quite good – the surrounding are not obscured by buidings.  You can view the Dongshan bridge from the minsu.

One thing that i would like to rave about this minsu is the minsu’s hospitality !  They were very patient in replying my emails as this time i decided not to engage a driver but we would take cab to a few destinations.  Steven is really a good host – warm, hospitable and helpful.  Also thanks to the receptionist lady too.  The host really take into interest in their guests and we really had an enjoyable break in Yilan.  From the host’s sharing of his future plan for the minsu, you can feel his passionate about running the minsu.  I guess this is what i liked about staying in taiwan minsu.  Not forgetting the host’s parents, especially Steven’s mother – who cooked excellent dishes for our breakfast !

As i stepped into the minsu entrance, I was overwhelmed by the decor – it has some elements of thai concept and also reminded me of the old days.

The lovely rocking horse

This minsu has several rooms and each room has its own theme.  Below is my room.  The bed is super big and comfy and I also like the bathroom design.

Here is the slide show for 真水蘭陽白鷺鷥resort  – more pictures of the minsu!  If you like this article, dont forget to click on ‘Like’ button.

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