Hualien Minsu – Happy Ocean Minsu 隱山靚海

For my 2012 Jan trip, I had 3 nights in Hualien.  In fact, there were so many nice minsu choices and quite difficult to make a choice.  It happened that when I asked my Hualien guide on recommendations on hualien minsu and he introduced Happy Ocean.  Then I remembered that I had seen this minsu before and there were good reviews from the locals.

This minsu was further out from Hualien city – Happy Ocean minsu 隱山靚海 (yin san qin hai).  In fact, the place was quite remote and the nearest 7-11 was 16 km away and no night market or shopping nearby.  A perfect serene place that was close to the Pacific ocean !  If you like the city night life, then this place was not right for you !  Another Hualien attraction Shihtiping was nearby.  If you like this article, please click on the ‘Like’ button above.

This was the main entrance of the building and my room was next to it.

Below is the lounge area and there were some rooms upstairs.

This was our seaview villa room.  The lower floor was the living room and a super spacious bathroom (even bigger space than the living room).  I would recommend for couples but not family or friends as the bathroom was open concept.  Although it did have a curtain but it didnt fully cover the entire bathroom.  The bedroom was on the second floor.

Below room was a two double bedroom (at lounge second floor)

This was at the backyard of the minsu facing the Pacific Ocean.  The owner also built a hammrock for visitors to enjoy the seaview.  There was also a table and some chairs.

The owner was a great cook and we also booked dinner at the minsu.  The menu varied as he would prepare based on the fresh ingredients that he bought.  He prepared so much dishes that we couldnt finish.  There were 2 fish dishes, steam fish and fried fish – very fresh.  There was a plate of vegetables that looks like seaweed, that was nice too !  Even the simplest fried rice was so delicious !  See here for the youtube on food recommendation. The next morning, the owner brought us to a forest trail (just at the back of the minsu) that could lead to the beach.

The next morning after a good breakfast, the minsu boss brought us to a secret place (just at the back yard of the minsu).   There were some steps leading to the forest trail.  At the end of the forest trail, we saw a naturally formed face shaped rock – truely amazing !

After walking back from the forest trail, my guide suggested a picture with the minsu as background.



  1. Gloria · · Reply

    HELLO , ould like to try your itinerary but i do not know how to communicate in Mandarin at Happy Ocaen MInsu, can you help? We would like to stay overnight on the 31st of May then transfer to the railroad minsu which also speaks in Mandarin.

    1. Replied to your email.

  2. annie · · Reply

    Nice, but Happy Ocean is 90 minutes drive south of Hualien Station. To me, doesn’t really make sense to stay there.

    1. The minsu is near to Taitung already. It can be stopover before Taitung. Or for those who want to find a quiet place near the ocean.

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