Hualien City Minsu – See the Railway Minsu 看見鐵道民宿

Hualien actully has many beautiful minsu (just like Yilan).   See my previous post for Bayview minsu, where you can view sunrise from the Pacific Ocean.

For this Hualien trip, as I planned to have a half day food hunt, I decided to look for a minsu that was located in Hualien city.  Finally found a minsu called 看見鐵道民宿 (See the Railway).  From the minsu name, you could probably guess – is it near to railway ?  Actually, the minsu was located along the old Hualien railway track, which was not in used anymore.  From the minsu, you could stroll to the small shops or to the nearby eating places.  When you walked to the end of the track, you can see Country Mother’s – also a popular cafe (western food & pizza).  Too bad, no time to eat there.  See my previous post on the local food hunt.

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This minsu has 4 types of rooms ( – First Platform (two double beds), Second Platform (VIP double bed), Third Platform (double bed) and Cruise Train (Jap style room for 8 to 12 persons).  You can go to the website and view the room pictures.  Oh yes, minsu also provided free pickup from Hualien railway station.  The owner also advised us on the directions for the local food.

My room was the Third Platform and the room was nicely decorated and clean.  I liked the decor of the bathroom and it was really spotless clean.  Breakfast was not homemade.  The owner got the breakfast delivery – burger and red tea.  To my surprise, it was really delicious !


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