2012 Jan Day 2 – Yilan 2D1N Itinerary

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This is my Yilan 2D1N Itinerary:

Taipei – Luodong bus station

Lunch at 青山食藝

After lunch, go to 橘之鄉蜜餞形象館  Website

At night, go to Luodong night market

Accomodation at Beautiful iIan minsu. Click here for review.

This time, all transportation are via flagged taxi.  In Yilan, the meter started at $120twn.  So normally, a short 10 mins distance drive could be at least $200twn.


This is my 2nd time trying No Menu restaurant.  The earlier one was at Guest City restaurant.  See here for review.

青山食藝 is a No Menu restaurant (in Yilan city), meaning the chef will depend on that day’s ingredient to prepare 10 dishes.  Mainly there will be salad, sashimi, main dish (can choose beef or lamb), 2nd main dish (seafood – steam fish and baked prawn), milk steamboat, rice, drink and dessert.  The cost is $599 + per pax.  (need reservation – )

Actually I prefer this type of exquisite meal rather than the hotel buffet.  Normally in Singapore, a good hotel buffet is about S$35-40.  However, the food is always so-so or i would say no surprises!  Therefore, I dont mind to spent a little more at this yilan restaurant.  Everything was very nice, except for the lamb which was overcooked.

Anyway, it is a great dining experience !
This is the exterior of the restaurant  – very grand feel !

Interior is also very classy.


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