2012 Jan Day 1- Taipei New Year Eve Celebration

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This time I tried using the Smilebox to do my recent Taipei New Year Eve post.  It takes a while to load.  If you like it, don’t forget to click on the ‘Like’ button. I went to Taiwan again on 31 Dec 2011.

Actually,  I planned to go earlier, however, airfare was a little expensive so I decided to go on 31 Dec and return on early Jan. The main reason for departing on 31 Dec was to join in Taipei New Year  Eve’s firework celebration.

At first, I was afraid that it was too crowded on the eve’s fireworks.  Dont be worry – the crowd was still ok and quite spacious to walk around.  The trick was stand at a place where you could have a good view of Taipei 101.  Of course, we didnt join the outdoor celebration concert near Taipei 101.  I guess you need to go very early for the concert.   We only started to go off at 10pm to TP City Hall MRT.  Although the shopping malls were closed after 10pm, there were some street stalls that sell mostly winter things like scarfs and etc.

After the magnificent 101 fireworks, we managed to reach back apartment before 1am.  There was traffic control at the MRT entrance after the fireworks.  They only allowed batches of people into the train station.  Overall, well-control traffic.

Accomodation – Master Inn Apartment If you plan to go on 31 Dec, please remember to book your hotel early.  I started to find for a hotel in late Nov, and realised that most hotels are fully booked.  It was really panic !  Luckily, i found a service apartment near Taipei Main Station – Master Inn Apartment.  Oh, rates for NY Eve were expensive too – need to pay double the normal price !  The location of this accomodation was on top of the Q square shopping mall.  Quite convenient for shopping too !

We took the Guo Kuang bus from Taoyuan airport to Taipei Main station.  After alighting, we walked to Y3 exit and the reception was a shop front near the Y3 Exit.  After registration, the receptionist brought us to the room.  The lobby of the apartment is near the Starbuck.  The security was quite strict and even the lift requires access.  The problemsome part was that we needed to transfer 2 lifts.  Basically, take the lift to 5th floor.  Once you came out of the lift, you would come to a courtyard area.  Then use the access card to enter the apartment building and take the lift to your room.


The room itself was spacious and bed comfortable too !  There was also free WIFI in the room.  This accomodation location was perfect was for us as the Taipei Bus Station is next to our accomodation (just nice for our trip to Yilan).  More pictures in the Smilebox !

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