Alishan Tea Garden Minsu B&B – 茶香花園民宿

In Alishan, you can choose to stay inside the Alishan recreational area or nearby villages like Longtou (巃頭).  I had chosen the 茶香花園民宿 Tea Garden which was located within the boundary of Alishan recreational area (less than an hour drive) and 20mins drive to Fencihu.  Firstly, it would not be too cold at night since it was the beginning of spring.  Secondly, you could watch the sunrise within 10 mins walk from the minsu.  No need to wake up so early to catch the sunrise at yushan.

The minsu is operated by two brothers.  Nice & friendly people!  Even fetch us to nearby restaurant for steamboat dinner since we got no car.

This is the reception area, also the breakfast area – just like those european wooden cabin.  Lots of travel books on the bookshelves.

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At the corner of the breakfast area is a sitting area with chimney (not sure it’s real or not)  and puppets display.

Entrance door – also decorated with country style ornaments.

Long corridor to the rooms

Even the room door got the room tag!

We got 2 rooms – one is a double bed and another room is 2 double beds.  Both rooms have big windows for viewing scenary.  Also got WIFI.

LCD TV mounted on the wall.

I liked the tiled toilet. Bright and clean.



  1. Hello, I chanced upon your travelogue when I was researching for Tea Garden B&B. I would like to ask if you would recommend this minsu? And how was their washroom cubicle like? I read on tripadvisor that it isn’t that clean and has a foul smell. Could you tell me more about your experience please? Thanks 🙂

    1. Replied to your email.

  2. Michelle · · Reply

    Hi! Do you book a driver for your Alishan trip, and book thru the minsu owners?
    I was about to book this minsu too for Nov trip. As you don’t dine-in, the coach driver or minsu owner drive you to the steamboat restaurant? Extra charge?

    1. Replied to your email.

  3. raynaldinho · · Reply

    Hi what is the rate of the driver? How can we travel to the minsu. I guess will only be able to reach chiayi hsr at around 3pm

    1. Replied to your email.

  4. Hi, I stumbled upon your blog when I was doing ‘research’ for our trip to Taiwan in March next year. Could you pls tell me more about this minsu in Alishan? Also is it true that most of their washrooms are without door? Coz I will be travelling with colleagues hence it will be alittle discomfort if is really true…hahaha… Also, how far is this minsu to the train station? Coz we will likely go up by train. Manay Thanks

    1. Replied to your email.

      1. HI how far is this minsu from alishan recreation area ? how far is it from Chiayi HSR.Do I need to hire a taxi ?

      2. Replied to your email.

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