Alishan Itinerary Mar 2011

Our main focus for March 2011 Taiwan travel was to experience the cherry blossom at Alishan.

Before we set out to taiwan, i had already engaged a driver from  I happened to saw this website and there were many good reviews from their customers, so i decided to try it!

The driver, Mr Yang was already there when we reached the Chiayi HSR.  Although we booked a 7 seater car, he arranged a 9 seater car for us – so nice!

Our initial plan was to go Alishan national park on the same day.  However, Mr Yang explained that it would be better to go the next morning as the weather wasnt too good that day.  After some thoughts, we decided to take Mr Yang’s advice.

This is our itinerary with Mr Yang (Click on the hyperlink to read the post):

1st day: Reach Chiayi HSR – Everlasting Bridge. Fencihu old street (天長地久橋, 奮起湖) – Coffee break at beautiful Lauya Scenary cafe 神禾 – Walk trail 走二延平山步道 –  Alishan Tea Garden Minsu (茶香花園民宿) – Steamboat dinner

2nd day: Sunrise (within 10mins walk) – Alishan forest recreation area (till noon) – Lunch at Yupasu cafe (native folk meal- delicious bbq pork)  – Set off to Kaohsiung – Cijing eat seafood

I would also like to commend Mr Yang’s service for accompanying us in the Alishan national park.  Spare us from going the difficult paths like climbing unnecessary stairs  !

What are Alishan five odds (阿里山 五奇) ? Sunrise, red sky sunset, sea of clouds,  forest (shenmu – sacred wood) and mountain railway.  Too bad – it was too foggy for the 2 days and we couldnt see sunrise & sunset.  But we do have a beautiful morning at Alishan forest recreation area !  By the time, we left Alishan around noon, we saw the mist started to come back.


I would advise to plan visiting Alishan forest recreation area in the morning.  The mountain road to Alishan is quite windy.  Please take some medicine beforehand if you do have motion sickness.

Also the climate at Alishan forest recreation area will be pretty cold at nights.  If you have elderly or small kids, can arrange to stay below Alishan. Always prepare warm clothings when travelling to Alishan.

Click here for detailed post on my Alishan trip.

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  1. Dawn Yen · · Reply

    Hi! Just came across your blog & briefly read thru your Alishan visit. Very easy & interesting read!!

    I’m planning to bring my 78-yr-old mom to see cherry blossom next Mar. She can walk but once there are lengthy flight of steps, it will be tedious for her. She does need to rest like every 30-40min interval.

    Will it be possible at all for me to do this trip with her?

    Thanks, look forward to your reply.

    1. Replied to your email.

  2. Hello. Your blog is very interesting! I am thinking of going to Alishen. Do you mind giving me the contact for your driver? I am going with my son, aged 15.

    1. Replied to your email.

  3. Hello. I am going to Alishan this June. Do you mind giving me the contact for your driver?

    Thank you

    1. Replied to your email.

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