Alishan 2011 Day 2 (Part 2) – Forest Recreation Area (阿里山森林遊樂區)/ Yupasu Cafe

Read here for Part 1.
After the Magnolia garden, we routed to Sisters pond. There were also other attractions: Four sisters, Happiness from golden pig, Forever one heart and three brothers (四姐妹、金豬報喜、永結同心、三兄弟).

Sisters pond -the legend story goes this: once there were two aborginals sisters who fall in love with same man but neither one wanted to break each other heart and they decided to jump into one of the lakes.  People who touched by their story and decided to name these two lakes as Sister pond.

Happiness from golden pig

Three brothers — three upstraight cypress tree growing by-by side on top of some remaining strumps of the old forest.

Four sisters

Forever one heart – Two old cypress trees have grown into a wonderful big heart shaped by the joints of their roots and tops.

After that, we reached a row of street shops.

Wasabi – also a speciality in Alishan.

At the forest trail, we saw the Three generation tree, elephant trunk tree, Three generation tree, Thousand year cypress, Tree spirit  pagoda and etc.  After that, we reached the Shenmu train station and took the train back to the car park.

Does this look like an elephant trunk tree  ?

Thousand year cypress

Sacred Tree 2300 years old

Tree Pagoda Spirit

Bypass a long boardway where you can view the different generation tree.

Alishan recreation area map

At the end of the forest trail, we took the Shenmu train back to the car park and proceeded to have lunch.  Mr Yang, our driver suggested that we had our lunch at a place outside the Alishan recreation area.

In fact, lunch was pretty delicious, especially the bbq pork.  See the pictures at Yupasu cafe.

Our van that accompanied us for 2 days.

Outside the cafe, they also sold some vegetables.

Here is famous for the BBQ pork.

Can also view tea leave garden.

Our lunch – our favourite bbq pork!

We ordered a set menu that comes with bbq pork, cabbage, and some other food.  We changed the prawn to fish, and it wasnt a wise choice.  You could also order ala-carte items too.

This is also nice.

After a heavy meal, we moved off to Kaohsiung.

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  1. Hi…I really love your Taiwan itinerary. Would you mind sharing with me about the driver’s contact? How much do you pay him for your Alishan 2 days tour? Thanks a lot!

    1. Hope my blog helps you. Replied you.

  2. Hello, I am planning to go to Alishan with my parents this December. Would you mind sharing with me your driver, Mr Yang’s contact as well as his fees?? Thanks very much. My email is


    1. Replied to your email.

  3. Calvin · · Reply

    Hi, would you mind sharing your Driver’s contact for Alishan and he’s fees. Many thanks

    1. Replied to your email.

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