Alishan 2011 Day 2 (Part 1) – Cherry Blossom at Forest Recreation Area 阿里山森林遊樂區

Where is Alishan ?

The term “Alishan” often is overused, and abused so much that it’s almost hard to say where Alishan really is. In fact, Alishan means ‘Ali mountain’ and in fact, there is no such mountain by the name.

What is well-known in Alishan Township is the Alishan National Scenic Area (32,700 hectares in size).  When people mention that they are going to ‘Alishan’, they refer to the tourist village into Alishan Forest Recreation Area.  Actually, the tourist village has three separate villages but none is named as Alishan.

We reached Alishan Forest Recreation Area about an hour time from our minsu.

At the Forest railway Alishan station, we bought the tickets at the 2nd floor.

You can buy tickets for:

ALishan – Zhushan ( sunrise trail)

Alishan – Zhaoping (7 min – cherry blossoms trail)

Alishan – Shermun (8 min – forest trail)

Below is to Zhushan walk trail – 1 hr for uphill and 40mins downhill.  In fact, if you reach to the top, there are also some cherry trees. (we didnt climb up)

The train was quite crowded.

We took the train to Chaoping park (沼平公園) first.  To cover the entire area, it would take 2.5 hours or more (depends on how long you stop at each point).

From Chaoping park, we walked to Sister ponds 姐妹潭, Magnolia garden 木蘭園 to Shou Cheng temple 受鎮宮.  After that, we covered the forest trail and took the Shermun train 神木車站 back to Alishan.

I think we had missed out the cherry blossom near Alishan Police Station  阿里山派出所.  There is a prominent red and white tower like Eiffel Tower.

These are the places where cherry blossom can be seen:

First trail: From Alishan House 阿里山賓館 ( passing 梅園, Alishan Police Post 阿里山派出所 (吉野櫻鐵道(超級星光大道))and Zhushan walk trail entrance 祝山登山口

Second trail :  沼平車站,  沼平公園, Sister ponds 姐妹潭 till the forest trail to Alishan house

Family Shoot under the cherry flower tree.

It was the cherry blossom period in mid Mar.  We were quite fortunate as the Yoshino cherry (吉野櫻) flowers were in full bloom on 25th Mar. (recently saw a blog mentioning it). The weather was very good – bright and sunny, really lucky.  (Yesterday was quite gloomy)  We were very busy taking photos with the cherry trees.

We also saw a model posing under the cherry tree.

Red and white mixture.  The darker pink color are mountain cherry flowers (山樱花).

Another flower type (森氏杜鵑) with cherry flower.

Magnolia garden – The magnolia flower are blooming about 80-90%.

Continue Alishan Day 2 Part 2 here.

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  1. I’m bringing my parents to Taiwan and they’re keen to visit Alishan. However, they have rheumatism and i’m afraid it’ll be difficult for them to tour the area. May I know what would you suggest we do at Alishan?

    Thanks in advance.:) Your posts helped alot.

    1. Replied you alr.

  2. Is 2days too much for Alishan? Or will it be just nice. Also, is there railway ticket or so for per trip or per tour? Will be heading there in March!

    1. Replied to your email.

  3. Hi, may I know how long did you take to explore from chaoping to shen mu?

    1. replied to your email.

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