Alishan 2011 Day 1 (Part 2) – Scenary Cafe 神禾景觀餐廳 – walk trail 二延平山步道

Since we decided not to head to Alishan recreational park in the afternoon, our driver Mr Yang drove us to a scenary cafe –  Lauya 神禾景觀餐廳.   The cafe has a indoor and outdoor area.  When we reached there, the entire area was quite foggy.

Upstairs is actually bedrooms for guests – also a minsu too!

Beautiful garden – Can see that the minsu put in lots of efforts to create a garden atmosphere !

Outdoor counter bar – also sell many cute things !  Bought a long bar soap – made of essential oil.   Happened to use their toilet and used their soap.  To my surprise, the soap smells very nice !

After you walked into the cafe, there is another exit to the alfresco cafe where you can enjoy the scenary.  Too foggy – couldnt see much scenary outside!

We had a coffee break and set off to the walk trail – 二延平山步道 Eryangping trail.

The Eryanping area is situated on a mountain slope that projects from the Alishan range at more than 1200 m elevation.  Actually, it is a good spot for viewing ‘sea of clouds’ scenary.   Best to come during autumn and winter period!

We had a short walk trail only since it was quite foggy that day.

Supposed to see tea garden but could only see fogs!  Never mind, took some photos for those who are interested to do the walk trail.  Saw some local blogs pictures – quite nice.

There was a dog who kept following and waiting for us while we were going up the trail.  Seemed to be our guide !  Haha!

Even for the group photo, the dog also wanted to take part !

This is another minsu 53.1, situated just besides the walk trail.  Full glass window minsu.

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  1. Siang Yee · · Reply

    Hi, May I know how much you paid for the driver cum tour guide? Do you have his contact details too?

    1. replied to your email.

  2. Hi Can i have the alishan driver contact detail as well ? Thank you 🙂

    1. Replied to your email.

  3. Vivien Ng · · Reply

    Hi Can I have the contact of the driver you had in Alishan? Thank you.

    1. Replied to your email.

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