Sunrise at Hualien – Bayview minsu 望海樓

I went to hualien in Nov 2008.  Haha so long ago!  The reason that i decided to to dig out my old photos and posted a blog on this minsu becos the morning sunrise was quite really beautiful and spectacular !  It’s a great place for those who like relaxing seaside area.

Most people would go to hualien for a night stay or a day trip for the Taroko gorge.  In fact, there are other places to explore besides Taroko gorge.  I will highlight those places in my next article.

The minsu that i stayed in hualien was called Bayview minsu 望海樓 (click on link for website).  It was located at the Chi Hsing Tan  七星潭.  (Please do not be mistaken that this is a lake.  It’s not – it lies on the tip of crescent bay facing the Pacific ocean.)  The minsu also provided free transfer from the train station. We reached there around noon time and spent the entire afternoon around there. At night, we decided to go to the hualien city area for dinner.  The minsu had pre-arranged taxi driver for a to/fro trip to night market or city area for abt $300twn return trip ($350 in 2010).

Bayview minsu also got a new hotel 七星潭渡假飯店. Can look at their website  for more details!

Our room had a balcony that was facing the sea. Wonderful place to have a lazy afternoon sitting in the balcony  – sipping the coffee/tea and hearing the sea waves.

I took this picture from the toilet window.

We gotten the minsu to do a sunrise wake-up call for us.  The best part was that no need to step out of the room – we could view the sunrise from the balcony.

A big ball like fire began to rise slowly from the ocean. 

The sun went into hiding behind some clouds and you could only see shimmering light ray that cast over the dull sky.

Slowly the sun started to move away from the clouds.  Can you see it is like a glowing sphere ?

The morning breakfast was like a mini buffet with some cooked food, cereal and toast bread.  

The morning scenary was beautiful as the day was sunny with blue sky.  Quite a difference from yesterday gloomy sky.  Let me show you the pix of the gloomy sky.

See the difference ??

What are the activities around Chi Hsing Tan ?

1. You can cycle around the coastline area.

2.  Stroll on the pebble beach

3. Go to Katsuo museum 柴魚博物館  (click on link).  The first and second floor is the exhibition hall where it explained the production process of dried fish and tools, as well as a small aquarium area.  The third floor is for parent-child DIY area.  Beside that, there is also a dried fish snack souvenir shop and a small food stall where they sell some japanese food.

4. 原野牧場 – a wooden concept scenary cafe, famous for the goat milk, goat coffee, goat cheese cake.  Heard the food was great and good ambience too (and of course great ocean views) ! (didnt try cos during my trip i didnt hear about this cafe) 

All these places are pretty nearby.  Can always ask the minsu for directions.  Oh yes, forget to mention that bicycles are free for rental from minsu (all types ranging from kids to double seater bikes)



  1. Wow, Low, such beautiful memories you have of the minsu (home stays) you’ve experienced.

    And great photos too!

    I like the minsus at Hualien you’ve stayed in.

    Thanks for sharing – and well done on your blog! 🙂

  2. Hello! May I ask which room you stayed at at the Bayview hotel? 🙂 Thanks in advance!

    1. Replied to your email.

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