Cingjing 3D2N Suggested Itinerary & Transport

Here’s a 3D2N suggested itinerary for those who are visiting Cingjing:

 Day 1 Day 2  Day 3
 Morning Reach Cingjing around noon Go to Hehuansan (合歡山) 4am – Star Glazing/See Sunrise at   Hehuansan(合歡山賞日出專車)Can also do morning walk trail.
 Afternoon Go to Sheep Farm (青青草原) – there is sheep show on weekendFrom the Sheep farm, you can   take a slow walk down to Visitor centre.  You will passby a 400+   steps staircase downslope (步步高昇歩道).  After that, walk further down to   7-11/Starbuck area. Lunch/Tea break at nice café/minsu:   Margaret’s Garden 瑪格莉特花園/ Old    England Manor  老英格蘭莊園Another restaurant: 雲舞樓民宿Can also visit the Swiss Garden.Must do walk trailAround sunset, can do the walk   trail behind Energy Resort (愛力家生活村民宿) –   翠湖步道   ( for this walk trail you can view lake, european style minsu and tea   garden.  See my post) Set off for next destination
 Evening Enjoy night scenary / Go to Lushan   for hotspring (about 20mins journey) Enjoy night scenary / Go to Lushan   for hotspring (about 20mins journey)  

This minsu is near to 清境國民賓館 (Guobin guesthouse, near to 7-11 or starbuck area), about 100m away.   The minsu also operates a resturant and specialises in yunan food ‘雲南大理段家私房菜’.  Many locals will go there to try the food. The scenary near the restaurant is also very nice.  Can do the walk trail – 落羽松步道.

In fact, I heard about this restaurant from another minsu as i asked around for good food.  (Have not been there)

Old England Manor
This minsu is a luxury beautiful castle.   It’s also under the same boss as Shangri-la hanging resort.

As the room rates are pretty expensive (at least $11000twn per night), you may want to experience the interior of the castle by having a meal.   A lunch meal like pasta can cost about $380twn +.

Margaret’s Garden

This is also a beautiful purple decorated cafe.  Although i have not been there, i saw some local blogs recommending this place.

Hehuansan Tour (合歡山專車)

There are 2 types of Hehuansan tour.  One is a half day tour and another is a sunrise tour.

For the Hehuansan half day tour, you may check with your minsu on the e-go bus (E-GO 台灣觀光巴士).

There are 2 timings: 830am and 1pm.   Each pax is $750twn (wkday).

For sunrise tour, the tour starts at 4am – 7am.

Lushan hotspring (廬山泡湯專車)

This can also arranged with the e-go bus.  It will depart from Cingjing in the evening. You can check more details here.

Transfer from Taipei Main Station – Cingjing

The E-go bus also have transportation from taipei main station 645am -cingjing 1130am.
Cost is as follows:

Non-peak period: $750 per pax one way, $1200 (return).

Peak period : $850 per pax one way, $1400 (return).

Here’s the Website for booking bus taipei – Cingjing.  To book tickets, pls click on left menu :線上訂車.

E-go Bus from Taichung/SunMoonlake

For more details on e-go bus, please click here.  They provide transport from Taichung train station or HSR, Fengjia Market, Sunmoonlake.  Please check with the ego bus directly on the pick-up points as I have not used these before.

Some minsu may have pre-arrangement with e-go bus.  It’s best to check with the minsu on the prices.

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Another suggested minsu in tripadvisor- Misty: 雲濛仙境.  This minsu also tied up with the e-go bus arrangement (see under ‘News’ on their website)

Useful Cingjing map (indicates the walk trails), please click here

Cingjing Travel website, please click here

Please note that the above prices & bus timing may be subjected to change.  Please refer to the website for accurate details.



  1. Hi, which minsu would you recommend out of the three that you have stayed in? I’m going to visit this place in dec with my parents. I am looking at starry or dreamtown. Tia!

    1. Replied to your email.

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