Taipei Zhongshan- Recommended good restaurant/cafe

Here are some recommendation of good restaurant/cafe in Zhongshan area 中山捷運站 (click on the link to go to the websites):

1. 土方鍋ノ助 Japanese steamboat – 台北市南京西路18巷20號1樓 (中山捷運站1號出口後方) – 牛乳大王旁巷子進去 walk towards the end of the street.)I saw this Japanese steamboat recommendation by some local blogs.  Since the restaurant was located at zhongshan MRT, we decided to try it.
The steamboat’s soup base is light and the dipping sauce is quite special (goes very well with the meat).  Each steamboat set is about $250-350twn with a bowl of udon and a green tea dessert.  They also have special soup base like tomato cheese.  The meat in the wooden tube is nice too. Overall, the food is quite fresh and i find this steamboat quite unique !

2. Piece of cake 日式蛋糕捲

You will see the signage of ‘piece of cake’ when you walk to 土方鍋ノ助.  The cafe is hidden in a quiet alley.  At first, i thought i couldnt find it, but i persisted and walked further and finally found it.  The cafe is famous for their japanese roll cake with fresh fruit.  There is a min. purchase where each person needs to buy a drink.   You can try their afternoon set – $140 for drink and cake.  You will think that this is a normal swiss cake – you must mix the cream with the cake  – yummy!
3. 一之軒時尚烘焙  Must Buy 手工麻糬 – 台北市南京西路33號(中山捷運站2號出口 After exit, you can see Starbuck and just walk further down a little.)This shop is famous for their fresh machi.  There are many flavours.  1 box of 7 machi is $100twn.  Can keep for 3 days – no need to refridge.  I will normally bring back for friends or relatives as they like it.  Check the website for other outlet locations ( There is one at Taipei Main Station 2nd floor).
There are different flavours of machi and i like the sesame machi best.

4. 日多寶
Hokkaido thousand layer cake 北海道千層蛋糕 
This cake shop is further down from 一之軒 (on the same street).    The cafe has only 2-3 tables.  I think most of the locals will order online via the website.  I like to sit in their white decor cafe and have the afternoon tea – cake plus a drink – $139twn.  There are several flavours for the cake, but i like the vanilla flavour.

5.  The next 2 recommendations are on japanese restaurants:肥前屋日式料理 – 地址: 台北市中山北路1段121巷13-2號1樓 (可由南京東路一段的中國信託銀行旁的天津街進入,看到天津商店左轉)This japanese restaurant is famous for their eel rice box (Small box – $140, Big box- $240 twn).  It’s quite crowded during peak hours.  I went there about 2pm on a weekday and luckily no need to queue.   Lunch hours closed at 230pm.   Free flow of green tea – self-service at a corner.  It has very simple decor like the old days school tuckshop where wooden tables and chairs are used.

The restaurant also sell sashimi and other jap food.  The grilled eel is really soft like melted in your mouth and it comes with the special sauce – yummy!  There are some small bones – be careful when eating.  Didnt take any pixs as i was too hungry after touched down from airport. 

鰻料理京都屋 –  台北市中山區天津 街41號 (shop located further down from Dandy hotel)

I have came here for lunch several times.  Please come early to get a queue number.  I liked their set menu.  This restaurant decor has a more jap feel – japanese style sitting.  Dont worry you can sit comfortably!  They are also famous for their grilled eel rice. The box set is covered with lots of eggs and beneath is the big slice of eel.  For their set menu, it’s not expensive – about $350twn.  They also have some special set but need to pre-order in advance.  Their menu are also displayed outside the restaurant.

Look at the fat salmon slice – delicious !!!


Eel rice box covered with egg strips and big slice of eel beneath.  The other is a set meal with egg roll.

6.  米朗琪咖啡館 Melange Cafe  104台北市中山區中山北路二段16巷23號 (Shin Kong Shopping ctr branch 3 新光三越中山店三館 nearby)
This cafe is extremely popular with the locals and famous for their strawberry waffle. .  There is no reservations and always on long queue.  Although i didnt manage to try this cafe, but i will try next time.  The cafe sells mostly light meals.  A good place to have an afternoon tea during weekday.
For Zhongshan hotel – Dandy & Mia Hotel, please read here.
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  1. Nice post! Thanks for the recommendations and details!

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