August 2010 Day 3 (Part 4) 台中新社民宿日出映象 – 日出映象 Shinshe Sunyard Minsu

After 心之芳庭, we went to our accomodation stay 日出映象  at 新社 (Shinshe).

There was a story to this minsu’s origin.  This minsu boss was previously a sea captain.   Although he was no longer one, he extended his dream on the land by building a minsu that looks like the ship.
All the rooms are at the ground floor, while the restaurant is at the 2nd floor and the top is a viewing deck.



All the rooms have 2 double beds, with a small jap style dining area and a full glass window.



Where is the bathroom ? Oh, you need to go down via the staircase.  There is a shower area and a big bathtub with viewing window.

Dinner was not inclusive.  The place was quite secluded so we had our dinner at the restaurant.  The steamboat was quite good.
You can also sit outside to enjoy the night view.

1440389207-P1030081 - Copy

The morning view at our room was quite good.  These were taken inside our room. Can you see something like a shooting starin the photo?




Western breakfast was served in the morning (bread, coffee/tea, salad).  The home made bread was really delicious and we gotten a second helping. Here are some pictures inside the restaurant.


These were taken at the viewing deck.   It was a short stay in this minsu as we needed to leave early for the Lavender cottage after breakfast.



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