Yilan Sunday Home Minsu


Yilan Minsu – SUNDAY HOME

I went to Yilan region in Aug last year. I stayed at Luodong – Sunday home minsu. (http://sunday-home.com.tw/room.php)

The rooms are very cosy and english like decor. Their room names are Monday, Tuesday, … to Friday. Unique,right ? can see their blog for more room pictures. (sundayhome.pixnet.net/blog/post/15389193)

The hosts are very warm and great hospitality.  Breakfast can be served western or taiwan style. If you want to eat dinner at their place, you need to book in advance. I heard that the boss’s wife can cook very well (heard featured in tv travel & living). We didnt’ take dinner at their place as we gotten the boss to help us book 客人城 for dinner.

After the dinner, the cab driver took us to luodong night market (meter trip). The minsu boss gave us a map with all the good food indicated. we took 羅東夜市-建芳藥局前豆花 – nice.

The minsu also provide free pickup from bus/train station. If you are interested, you can drop them an email (in english – also ok).

I also engaged their cab driver to drive us around. The taxi driver also provide service to airport. I took their cab back to taipei city at $1000 twn. Bus is definitely cheaper. (cos i got 4 pax so it’s not too expensive)

We get the cab driver to drive us to 傳統藝術中心 (meter trip). We spent about 3 hrs there. At first, i thought that it’s a boring place. Actually it’s quite interesting with old streets where u can shop and eat, and some show play. This place is recommended for families with kids too.

The cab driver also drove us to a place to eat lunch – 三星天送埤味珍香卜肉店 – (sundayhome.pixnet.net/blog/post/14751764). It’s fried meat 卜肉and fried onion rings – very nice. Outside the food got onion pancake – also nice.




Later i shall update with more pictures !


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