August 2010 Day 5 Cingjing 清境- Dreamtown Minsu 嵐山小鎮

Our Cingjing accomodation this time is at Dreamtown minsu 嵐山小鎮.  The minsu is quite helpful to overseas visitors for transportation arrangement.

This picture is taken outside the reception area.

This is the reception area (at ground level).

The rooms and dining area are located beneath the reception floor.   Our rooms are located at the lowest point and we need to climb about three storey high for our dining and it’s quite tiring.  Not suitable for elderly people.

Room pictures

We had our dinner at our minsu dining area.  Cingjing is quite cooling in the night, therefore, it’s nice to have steamboat.  August is the summer period and therefore,  Cingjing is not as cold as compared to November period.   After the steamboat, they even provide a small pudding.  Very full after the dinner !

Breakfast in the morning.  Each person will be served a breakfast set and you can help yourself with toast bread.

There is a outdoor area near the car park which is quite beautiful.

After breakfast, the cab driver came to pick us and we proceeded to Hehuansan and Wuling farm.


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