August 2010 Day 5 大甲媽祖廟 Mazhu temple – 清境 Cingjing

For the transportation to Cingjing from Taichung, we have arranged with the 嵐山小鎮 (Dreamtown) Cingjing minsu to arrange a cab driver.  The cab driver would drive us to 大甲媽祖廟 before proceeding to Cingjing 清境.

The distance from our accomodation to 大甲媽祖廟 – 大甲鎮瀾宮 is less than 1 hour.  The mazhu temple was built in the Qing dynasty (under Yongzhen) and to-date is about two hundred eighty plus years old.  We didnt took any pictures inside the temple. However, look at the temple picture, you can see that it’s quite grand.

We also saw the car blessing ceremony.

Once we finished praying, we set off to Puli for a short break before proceeding to Cingjing.

Inside the Puli winery, there are many stalls that sells food products.  We are not quite interested.  Outside of the Puli winery, you can try the soya drink at a shop, just next to a big shop that sells local titbits.

The soya drink is very nice!   There are some tables and chairs placed outside for people to eat and drink.

We reached Cingjing about 1pm, which is just nice for us to go for lunch before proceeding to see the sheep show 綿羊秀 at Green Grassland 青青草原.  The cab driver dropped us at the food market area. The ticket booth to Green Grassland is just nearby the food market.

Since August is taiwan school holiday, there is sheep show daily except wednesday.  At other times, the sheep show is only available on weekends.  There are 2 showtimes – one in morning and another in afternoon abt 2plus.

This is my 2nd time to Cingjing, but 1st time to see the sheep show.  Although i have seen it in New Zealand too, however, it’s still quite interesting to see the dog chasing all the sheeps.  Just enjoy the show!

After the sheep show, we started to walk to the little sheep castle.  You can buy some sheep food or milk to feed the sheep.  The sheeps are quite aggressive to fight for the food.  It’s quite amusing to see that!


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