August 2010 Day 4 (Part 3) Taichung 台中-高美濕地 & 逢甲夜市 (Wetland & Fengjia night market)

Taichung 台中-高美濕地/逢甲夜市 (Fengjia night market)

高美濕地 is a wetland area (about 300 hectares of wetland area) and has a variety of wetland ecology.  It’s a beautiful vast place!  You can see sunset in the evening too! As the driver saw that the weather wasnt too good, we decided to head off to this place about 3pm plus.

There were many people enjoying playing in the wetland.

If you do not want to play in the water, you can also walk on the trail along the river bank to enjoy the wetland beauty.

Please remember to bring a slipper so that you can walk in the water.  The water is pretty shallow and you can walk quite far out.  It’s quite muddy.

There is a windfarm nearby.  However these windmills are not as noisy as the ones that i’ve seen in Perth.  The windpower were moving very slowly.  Another thing to note is not to litter and step on the grass patch area.  Otherwise, you’ll be fined.

After that, we went back to our accomodation to rest and bathe before heading to Fengjia Night market for dinner.

The night market is near to our accomodation about $100-120twn per cab trip.

It was quite crowded at the night market.

We walked to somewhere near this junction where you could see a big octopus at top.  If you walked inside, there were a number of shops and eateries.

We decided to venture inside and our first stop was the octopus balls.

There were many people queuing up.  This shop also had a eating area on the 2nd floor.  We also bought the pepper buns.  As we walked inside, we saw a shop that sold 甜不辣 and we sat down and had a bowl.  It was pretty delicious (our 1st time trying) ! Forgotten to take a picture.  The lady boss was pretty nice and even asked if you need the soup after eating 甜不辣.

The Fengjia night market’s surrounding area has many shops along the road.  There isnt any pathway for shoppers.

We were practically walking on the sideway of the road.  We saw some nice safety helmets and some customised cakes at one of the shops.
We walked till we were very tired.  Glad that could get a cab and went back to rest.  Some people liked to stay near Fengjia night market.  I think it’s a good idea to stay a little further as cab fare is pretty cheap and no need to walk back.  haha


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