August 2010 Day 4 (Part 2) Taichung 台中- 安妮公主花園/百菇莊

Our next stop was Annie Garden 安妮公主花園.

Princess Annie Garden was not as big as Lavender Cottage.  As you could see from the pictures, it was a beautiful place to take pictures.  However, we were there during noon time and it was pretty hot.

There was also a dining area and there were some people having their meals in their indoor area.

Also a shop that sells the cute things.

We didnt stay very long in Princess Annie’s garden as it was super hot.  We quickly took some pictures and went to our next destination: 百菇莊 for lunch.

This place sold all the mushroom and dried related stuff.  The mushrooms that we bought were quite delicious.  We regreted not buying more mushrooms! Also there were a variety of mushroom cracker to try at the cashier area.  杏鮑菇酥(芥茉) was nice !

The mushrooms here are self-grown and you can do DIY picking of mushrooms.

We also had lunch there.  The rice (香菇肉燥飯) and the mushroom meatball were very delicious and cheap!

Definitely a good place to visit when you are in Shinshe!


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