August 2010 Day 3 (Part 1) – 台中 Lunch at 德國秘密旅行 (Traveller Kitchen)

The journey to Taichung was about 2hr plus (1025am-1250pm) and we alighted at the Choma bus station (朝馬站).  We had arranged a driver to drive us around for half a day.

Below was our itinerary (click on the links to read) :

1st day :          台中 Lunch at 德國秘密旅行 (Traveller Kitchen) – 彩虹眷村Carton KingMoncoeurShinshe minsu 日出映象

2nd day:         Setoff from our Minsu 薰衣草森林 (Lavender Cottage) –  安妮公主花園 – 百菇莊高美濕地 – 逢甲夜市 (Fengjia night market) – Apple Vacation (accomodation)

Our first destination was lunch at 德國秘密旅行 (Traveller Kitchen).

I saw this restuarant on a local blog and it mentioned that you needed to book in advance (abt 4 weeks).  Luckily, we had asked the driver to make reservation for us once we confirmed our trip.

The restaurant was located in an alley but you could easily recognise as it was a distinctive 4 storey yellow european style building.  (Didnt take the building picture as it was pretty hot outside)  This blog may be a little more descriptive as i would like readers to appreciate the effort that the boss has put into the design of the restaurant.

The restaurant was quite crowded when we reached.  We had to wait for a while before there were available seats.  At the entrance, there was a carriage with display of small german ornaments.  These are so cute!





The 1st floor depicted paintings of different german food stores on both sides of the wall, hoping to create the atmosphere of the busy German bazaar street.

I read somewhere that the owner wanted to create an atmosphere where you feel homely.  True enough, you can feel that the hospitality and warm hearts extended to the guests !

Once our table was ready, the waiter brought us to our seats at the 2nd floor- 知性旅行書房用餐區.  The waiter who brought us to the 2nd floor was very passionate and introduced us to the different corners – like the cashier area.

As you walked up the stairs, you can see beautiful painting of three different fairy tale ─ candy store, Sleeping Beauty and Piper (糖果屋、睡美人與吹笛人).  Actually, the picture was painted there so that you would be aware of the beam and not get hit by it!  Also see the ‘castle lamp’ in the picture – these are recycle lamps and they did some painting on it !

The 2nd floor concept was an environment for people who liked travelling to get some travelling ideas by browsing the books.  As you could see in the pictures, there were many travel books on the book shelves.  Also noticed the ceiling also had photo frames!




We didnt take pictures for the 3rd (溫馨廚房) and 4th floor (綠意閣樓) as it wasnt very nice to disturb other people’s lunch.

See the table paper and menu were specially designed.  The menu also has detailed description on the dishes and even fairy tales stories corresponding to it.




You could order the main course and add 100twn to upgrade to a set meal that included garlic bread,  salad, soup and beverages.  It’s definitely worth to do that as the startlers were very delicious!  For those who like beer, can choose beverage – mixed beer (peach, orange or mango flavour).  Heard that it was special !  Refer to the full menu here.




We ordered the 2 person seafood combo (codfish, salmon, scallop, cuttlefish, Inkfish, Mussel, squid, clam) and a seafood rice with lemon butter sauce.  The serving is quite sufficient for 4 pax since we had the startlers earlier.  Yummy ! See pictures below.



In terms of service, I would rate this restuarant as good.  The waitress gave us another round of garlic bread as we waited quite long for the seafood combo.  They also provide you a postcard so that you could send back home.  (But i didnt receive it. Maybe i dropped into the wrong box ??)

I will strongly recommend this theme restaurant for anyone going to Taichung!

How to get there ? Read here.  (near the Sogo in Taichung)


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