Aug 2010 Day 2 Part 1 – Taipei Trip with Meeky Yang (大溪花海農場, 三峽老街, 深坑老街, 莺歌, 平溪放天灯)

Day 2 – Taipei Trip with Meeky Yang

For the 2nd day, i have already pre-arranged with Meeky Yang to pick us at 9am.

Our 1st stop was supposed to be Tomita farm (富田農場).  Mr Yang drove us there and we realised that it was a pretty small place so we decided to skip and go to Ta Shee Blooming Oasis (大溪花海農場) instead.

Mr Yang initiated to drove us to Love StoryLand (爱情故事馆).  No entrance fee required.  The place was not very big and divided into indoor and outdoor exhibition.  The place mainly exhibits the European love story like Romeo and Juliet and etc.

Once you entered the other hall, you can see sweet lovely story museum train which sells various food products like pineapple tarts, wedding cakes and etc.  There is also a castle tower and there’s a prayer room inside.



In front of the castle, there is a display of the 18th century French royal family furniture collection.


The outdoor has a garden with a lovely small church.  You will be attracted to the two cute characters – 大黑松小兩口.   It was super hot outside so we quickly went back to the car.




Next, Mr Yang drove us to the 慈湖 as it was on the way to Ta Shee.  The bridge was quite beautiful for photo shoot.  However, the weather was too hot and we didnt walk over to the other end of bridge.




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