Day 2 Part 4 – Taipei Trip with Meeky Yang (大溪花海農場, 三峽老街, 深坑老街, 莺歌, 平溪放天灯)

Next, we went to the Jingtong  (菁桐) Railway Station, a place in Pingsi township.  It is originally a coal mining town and today it is mainly known for tourism, with numerous souvenir shops.


There is a railway storyhouse that sells wooden postcards.  You can buy a postcard and use the stamp chops and chop on your postcards.  See the traditional red mailbox below. There are some food vendors at the end of the street but we didnt try them.


One of the unique sight in Jingtong – wishing bamboo.


Next, we went to another railway station 十分 to put the sky lantern – highlight of our trip.  Mr Yang told us that taiwan people would light sky lanterns on 15th of lunar new year.  However, for tourists, we could do it anytime.  There are different colours lanterns that represent different meanings.


Over here, you will notice that everyone will light up their lanterns on the railway tracks –  what a unique experience!  The train track runs through the narrow street where both sides are shops and there are no fence on both sides of the track.  The fun part is when the train is coming into the centre of the street, everyone needs to jumped off from the track quickly!  Mr Yang helped us to take the below picture!

We also noticed that some trains were beautifully painted with pictures. So nice!

Once you buy a sky lantern from the shop, the shop owner will help you to hang the lantern on a cloth rack so that you can write your wishing wordings.  Once you have finished writing both sides, you can get the owner to switch to the other 2 sides for you to write.  Once done, the owner can help you to lit up the lanterns and also take photos for you.  If you like to have firecrackers, just add another $50twn.  My lantern was 4 different colors, not sure if you noticed it !


When you are at this street, you can see many happy smiling faces as people put up the sky lantern and the firecrackers sound also adds to the happy asmosphere.  It’s definitely a place where there are a lot of good ‘Qi’ area!


We returned back to our hotel around 7plus.  Too tired to go anywhere.  We went to Q square to have our dinner.  The next day we would be going to Taichung at 10am.  Need to sleep early.

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