Day 2 Part 3 – Taipei Trip with Meeky Yang (大溪花海農場, 三峽老街, 深坑老街, 莺歌, 平溪放天灯)

深坑老街 – This is a super crowded street and what is famous here is the Tofu.  The street is not very long, about 200m, mainly selling food like smelly tofu.  Smelly tofu is not my type!  At the entrance of the street, there is a stall that sells special grilled tofu (not the smelly type).  You can see lots of people queuing there.  The tofu is grilled and coated with some sauce and you can choose original flavour (peanut and vege) or kimchi flavour or mixed flavour.  It’s yummy!




莺歌老街 is a street that mainly sells pottery and ceramics.  It seemed that this place was revamped since I visited some years back.  As i walked, i also saw shops that sell glassware, stoneware, rocks, gems, water fountain.  We walked into a massive store and sells everything.  My sister bought a little souveiur – crystal egg (幸运水晶), which consists of the 5 color stones which signify 5 elements.



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