Day 2 Part 2 – Taipei Trip with Meeky Yang (大溪花海農場, 三峽老街, 深坑老街, 莺歌, 平溪放天灯)

大溪花海農場 is in the Taoyuan vicinity.  The entrance fee is 150twn per person.   The place is quite big to roam around.  You can take the ladybug tram that brings you around the place.  The tram is just outside the restaurant and a small gift shop – 梵谷之家西餐廳.  (see the picture below)  The tram supposed to operate every half hour, but we waited for very long and the driver didn’t appear.  Too bad!  We started walking up the slope to view the flowers.  I think August is not a good period to view flowers as it is not the bloosom period and it’s a very hot period!


As you walk further up this track, you can see more flowers.  Firstly, you can see 愛麗絲香草園 and DIY planting classroom (盆裁教室).  There is also a bee area (蜜蜂生態區),  and the animal area (動物園區).



In the Dream Lavender area (紫色夢幻區), you can see the purple flowers like 鼠尾草.


In the rainbow field (彩虹花田), you can see different colors of flowers.




Next, we were off to 三峽老街. It’s an old street.  It is an traditional street with historical buildings.  If you noticed, you can see the shop names engraved on top.



The shops include toys, traditional handicrafts, food and gift shops.  There is also the famous golden croissants, ice-cream and the 50 year old store “Dasan room”  that produces hand-made soap.


1525346109-P1020808    1525346117-P1020815


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