Aug 2010 Day 1 – Taipei 台灣天使租屋服務中心

Our SQ flight to Taipei was 12 noon.  However, due to some technical fault, our flight was delayed for 1 hr plus.  Too bad!

I have arranged a car to pick us up at airport.  I saw this contact from the taiwan yahoo auction.  The cost of airport pick up is $750twn per trip.  If you need the driver to wait at lobby, need to add $100twn for car park.  The driver was very familar with picking up passengers in airport. Luckily, he knew that our flight was late.  The immigration queue at the taoyuan airport was quite smooth and fast.  We saw the driver holding my name once we reached the arrival hall.  After that, we went to get a taiwan SIM card for our phone.

Tonight our accomodation is Angel Hostel 台灣天使租屋服務中心.  It’s a condo accomodation.  (Please note that this accommodation is no longer for short term rental.)  This place is near the Taipei Main Station and next to Q square (京站時尚廣場) and Taipei Bus station (轉運站).

We have arranged the driver to drove us to 開封街 (near Shinkong shopping mall), which is their reception office .   The office operated from 12noon to 8pm.  Luckily, we have informed the office to wait for us.  We were late by 15mins.  Please note that there is a charge if you come after 8pm (cos the office closed at 8pm).  The reception passed us the keys and a instruction note.  Do read the instruction carefully (how to access the building and use the key for lift and apartment door).  Otherwise, may be quite blurred to locate the apartment.  If you do not understand Chinese, pls ask the reception to explain as clearly as possible.

Please note that the reception office and condo are at 2 different places.  The condo is at the other side of the Taipei main station.

The condo has a tight security system.  You need to scan the key at the entrance of the building first.  After that, take the lift to 5th floor.  You need to get to the other side of the building via the courtyard.  There are 2 lifts leading to different blocks, A & B of the blding.  Pls look at instruction paper.  To access the apartment, you need to scan the key and press the floor number.


The tight security in the lift access actually poses some problem as we have booked 2 different units, 6th & 10th floor.  The lift only allows you to press your floor number after you do a scan at the lift button section.  This means that i cannot go to 6th floor if my apartment is on 10th floor.  Another thing to note is that both persons need to go back to the apartment together because only 1 set of keys is given for each apartment.  There is no telephone inside the apartment.  Therefore, we need to pre-arrange our meeting time.

The apartment is like a studio apartment.  It has a queen size bed, sofa bed and small table beside it, kitchen facilities, 39 inch flat screen TV, washing machine at the balcony.  Overall, the apartment is spacious and room facilities are well equiped.  The apartment door access is via pin number.  Room rate about $2000 twn per night (no breakfast included).

After we unloaded our luggages, we were quite hungry and quickly went to Q Square basement for dinner.





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