August 2010 Itinerary

This is my 2nd free & easy trip to Taiwan – Aug 2010!

Here’s my itinerary (you can click on the links (or highlighted words) for detailed posts) :

Day 1: SQ flight to Taipei Condo (台灣天使租屋服務中心)

Day 2: Arrange with Meeky Yang on Day tour (富田农场、深坑老街, 莺歌、三峽老街, 平溪 放天灯)

Click here for detailed posts with Meeky Yang.

Day 3: Set off to TaichungTraveller Kitchen Lunch (德國秘密旅行)-  Rainbow Village (彩繪眷村) – Carton King (紙箱王) – Monecour (心之芳庭) – Shinshe Sunyard Minsu  (日出映象 – 新社景觀民宿)

Day 4: Shinshe Minsu – Lavender Cottage (薰衣草森林)- Annie Garden, Mushroom Farm (安妮公主花園-百菇莊) – Wetland, Fengjia Night Market (高美濕地-逢甲夜市)  – Taichung Accomodation Apple Vacation (台中日租apple–蘋果假期)

Day 5: Taichung – Mazhu Temple (大甲媽祖廟) – Cingjing Dreamtown minsu (清境 嵐山小鎮)

Day 6: Wuling – 武陵富野渡假村

Day 7: Yilan – Lunch 天送埤味珍香卜肉店,  National Center for Traditional Arts (傳統藝術中心), Guest City Restaurant dinner (客人城), Luodong night market (羅東夜市) – Sunday home Minsu

Day 8: Taipei Dandy Hotel (丹迪旅店)

Day 9: Taipei

Day 10: Taipei – Singapore


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